Italian politicians apologise after being accused of eating live mice

 Italian politicians apologise after being accused of eating live mice

TV interview with Luca Zaya, President of Veneto

According to Reuters, the Veneto region is one of the most serious outbreaks in Italy. Luca ZAIA, the regions president, put forward his views in an interview with antenna 3-nord EST on February 28, arguing that Chinese people do not have good health standards.

We Italians do a good job in sanitation because we bathe and wash our hands frequently and pay great attention to personal hygiene, said Zaya. This is our culture! China has paid a huge price for the epidemic because we see that they all eat live mice or things like that.

The remark was immediately condemned. At the critical moment when China and Italy are fighting the epidemic together, some Italian politicians have attacked and defaced the Chinese people without any reason. Its a poor speech and a bad deed, said a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Italy

It is gratifying that many Italian friends do not agree with their words and deeds, and strongly criticize them. We believe that the words and deeds of individual politicians do not represent friendly and civilized Italian people.

The virus is our common enemy and we need all countries to work together to deal with it. In difficult times, all parties should abandon pride and prejudice, strengthen understanding and cooperation, and jointly safeguard human health and safety.

Zaya is a member of the right wing coalition party, and his political opponents have also denounced him, saying his remarks will damage relations between the two countries.

Zaya was condemned by public opinion at home and abroad

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, a local newspaper, on Saturday, Zaya apologized to the Chinese people: I admit that my words are terrible, Im sorry. What I want to say is that when it comes to food health and safety, the control measures in different countries are different.

According to the latest data, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Italy has risen to 889, with 21 deaths. Italy is the most affected European country outside Asia.