Sun Yangs mother: Im sorry I didnt listen to the advice, son. He can finally rest

 Sun Yangs mother: Im sorry I didnt listen to the advice, son. He can finally rest

For many years, Yang Ming accompanied his son to travel

From 17 p.m. on February 28, however, everything seems to have changed. A CAS ruling on Sun Yangs eight-year suspension completely changed his fate, as did Yang Ming, Sun Yangs mother. So at noon on the 29th, many people also saw Yang Mings long article of friends circle (attached picture). Although this circle of friends was deleted later, it inevitably left a screenshot. The words reveal Yang Mings powerless and helpless feelings, anger, disbelief and regret, as well as her guilt for her son.

Ive been with him since he was very young when he went to the sports school for training and picked him up. 22 years on, Ive been with him almost all the time, whether in training or competition, when he wins or when he encounters setbacks. Its unfair for him to win so many gold medals and so many champions, but end up like this. In the years of his fame, there are two things I didnt follow his advice, and they proved him right. If I didnt stick to my opinion, maybe everything would change. I feel very sorry for my son. Maybe in the previous reports, Yang Ming has left many people with different opinions, but at this time, she is an ordinary mother, an ordinary mother who is deeply in love with her son in the face of major changes in her fate.

Mothers love for her son

It was almost 24 hours after knowing the verdict, Yang Mings mood gradually calmed down. She said: the child is too tired, full of injuries, and his heart has not been very good, which is always a potential threat for the big man who is mainly engaged in long-distance projects and whose height is close to two meters. Maybe it will affect his health and even his life if he continues to practice with great intensity. Maybe thats the will of God, so that he can finally rest. In any case, life has to go on.