Sun Yang or goes to the end of his career and lacks maturity in management

 Sun Yang or goes to the end of his career and lacks maturity in management

At 5:00 p.m. Beijing time, the international sports arbitration court (CAS) announced the arbitration results of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) case against Chinese swimmer Sun Yang and the International Swimming Federation (FINA). From that day on, Sun Yang was suspended for eight years.

For Sun Yang, 29, the blow is deadly.

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come. Disaster is always sudden, but this is the time to test you and me. Sun Yangs inspirational words on his microblog on February 2 were so pale in front of the eight-year ban.

The night of Anti Doping has been described countless times by various media from different perspectives. The focus is whether Sun Yang has the right to refuse drug testing because of the insufficient qualification of sampling personnel. The position of the World Anti Doping Agency is clear: whenever, no matter whether the athletes oppose, as long as the physical, moral and health permit, samples should be provided, otherwise the athletes will Samples will be rejected for various reasons, making the test impossible.

Sun Yangs better practice at that time was obviously that he still provided samples after questioning the qualification of the sampling personnel, handed them over to the doping testing agency for safekeeping, and then appealed against the qualification and process of the sampling personnel.

However, Sun Yang just chose the in-situ outbreak after sampling. For this, the World Anti Doping Agency defined it as interference sampling. This outbreak has been suspended for 8 years.

One side thinks that the Anti Doping Agency does not respect the individual rights of athletes, and the sampling procedure itself needs to be improved. The other voice says that the arbitration is based on sufficient evidence. Sun Yang is driven by impulses for various reasons.

In any case, the ban has almost become the most brutal reality.

For Chinese sports, the loss of Sun Yangs suspension is not only the loss of competitiveness in several events, its not hard to imagine that the Chinese swimming team as a leader will suffer a lot as a whole.

Along the way, Sun Yang has a lot of glory in his whole career, but the right and wrong that accompanies all this have been endless. From the change of command and unlicensed driving after the London Olympic Games, to the sponsor disturbance caused by the winning of awards and uniforms at the Jakarta Asian Games, to the improper speech on the variety show after the hearing, and the anti censorship night leading to the eight-year ban, if these things are arranged in one line, there are many similarities -- the swimming pool is determined to overcome all difficulties Besides the swimming pool, there is a lack of mature mind to manage themselves.

It turns out that this is Sun Yangs fatal injury.

Sun Yangs injury has appeared since the London Olympic Games. If we could have a professional team, form a good lift for such a player with multiple values from the inside to outside of the pool, and deal with various related problems brought by his own value in a more professional manner and way, then the 8-year ban at this time would be largely avoidable.

However, the fact is that although the stubborn injury situation recurred time after time, the wounded only got anesthesia time after time. Since eight years ago, Sun Yang has not realized that he has injury, and even identified himself as the body of steel in the anesthesia time after time, so powerful that he can do anything he wants.

Its all in exchange for no turning back. In addition to sighing, it is gratifying that this outstanding athlete has never lost his past honor of all-out exchange because of willfulness. At least 180 blood tests in six years, Sun Yang, one of the most frequently examined athletes on the planet, violated the test procedures rather than being found taking drugs.

For Sun Yang, who has repeatedly struggled in the swimming pool to turn around the right and wrong outside the swimming pool, it is not known that this fate can give him opportunities or geometry.

Source: responsible editor of China News: Lu Ting, ns5242