Insider: Sun Yang has a secret feeling about the drug ban event when he learned that he didnt sleep overnight

 Insider: Sun Yang has a secret feeling about the drug ban event when he learned that he didnt sleep overnight

Sun Yang hardly slept much. He planned to go abroad for training

Sun Yang described his mood on social media as shocked, angry and incomprehensible after learning the verdict of the international sports arbitration court! Its really too sudden, the source told reporters. Sun Yang arrived in Beijing from Hangzhou three days ago. He is going to go abroad for training. He is totally unaware of the possible decision. After the result came out, it was hard to accept, because for more than a year, the process was very difficult, and he was really exhausted.

February 28 seems to be the watershed. In order to prepare for the Olympic Games, Sun Yang only had two days off during the Spring Festival. On the same day of the 28th, he was training last afternoon, and a person familiar with the matter said: after knowing the verdict, he took a rest very late yesterday and hardly slept much.

Sun Yang shares the training video.

Whats behind the old story?

This afternoon, a screenshot of a friends circle was circulated on the Internet. The two events highlighted in the screenshot were Sun Yang was banned from taking the drug wanshuangli in 2014 and a leader of the center appointed a lawyer to Sun Yang with poor ability, which led to the fatal weakness of missing Sun Yangs testimony many times in the hearing. People familiar with the matter told the Beijing news that the screenshot was true, but it was later deleted by the publisher.

For the suspension event of Sun Yang a few years ago, the screenshot revealed that Sun Yang had taken wanshuangli (the main ingredient of which is trimetazidine hydrochloride) in the heart since November 2008 due to myocardial ischemia. From January 1, 2014, the drug became banned in the competition and available out of the competition, but Chinas Anti Doping website and the list of 2014 anti doping drugs and the athletes manual distributed to all sports teams have not been updated, and the athletes have no knowledge about this.

Sun Yang was found to be positive in the national championship in May of that year. After the domestic hearing in July, the punishment decision made to Sun Yang in August was an oral warning and a fine of 5000 yuan. But after the Asian Games ended in October, some leaders said they would change the punishment to a three-month ban from May to August. Sun Yang would not agree with the decision, but his family finally agreed for him.

His family has always felt sorry for Sun Yang, because in the eyes of those who dont know, Sun Yang has made all the mistakes, and he has been sheltered, an insider told the Beijing News

In addition, the paper also believes that the ability of Swiss lawyers recommended by the leaders is questionable. Even the important task of hearing translation is the temporary translation from the translation company, whose ability can be seen in the performance of the hearing.

According to people familiar with the matter, the lawyer referred to here is not Zhang Qihuai, who issued the statement today, but someone else. Sun Yang has now appealed to the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federation against the judgment of the international sports arbitration court. Sun Yangs side now hopes to adjust their mentality and make full preparations to deal with it just like facing the competition. The insider said.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Lu Ting, ns5242