Scolded for being cold-blooded and merciless, Wang hongshanzang responds: he has been a junior and never cheated

 Scolded for being cold-blooded and merciless, Wang hongshanzang responds: he has been a junior and never cheated

On February 27, Bancang forest was exposed in a private account and sent a message, responding that he had not cheated or used this thing to earn a cent: its really ridiculous. He has been a third party and never cheated. In recent months, people who dont understand the mechanism of microblogging say that I can earn 1 million yuan by apologizing to microblogging. Some people take other peoples photos and say that Im back to take advertisements, some people take pornographic photos and videos, and some people register for fake numbers to broadcast live. I didnt respond to this one time before. I didnt respond to this one time. Because someone left, I didnt want to cause any noise to his family. And shameless murderer in what condition pull down his speed racing just out of the accident heart not to count? How dare you come out and make a voice? Yesterdays response really tried to restrain myself. Its nothing to cut my circle of friends. Who can know if Im hurt or not? You called to ask if Im hurt or not. I dont want to say anything to scold me. I cant bear to come out and consume the dead again.

At the same time, friends of semi Tibetan forests ex boyfriend also published a statement on Weibo, saying that the cause of the accident has nothing to do with semi Tibetan, and I think the Party (i.e. the girl who contributed) is very clear about the cause of the accident. The reason why this matter was not made public is that the relatives of FJH (half Tibetan ex boyfriend) and I agreed that FJH and half Tibetan had broken up before she and Liu Yang had a relationship, and there was no longer a love relationship between them. The deceased has already passed away. He should not bear the censure and damage that he should not bear because of his special identity of semi Tibet netherworld

Later, Bancang forest forwarded the micro blog and wrote: I am deeply sorry for his death, and I am also sorry for the public opinion damage caused by his mistakes. I have no intention of causing any more disputes on the Internet. I just hope that he can get real peace.

Wang Hong and Liu Yang break up

On November 19, Wang Hong aqin announced on his microblog that he had broken up with Liu Yang unilaterally, and revealed the evidence chart of the other partys cheating. He revealed that the reason for breaking up was that the man had cheated on his friends who had been close to each other for many years. This female suspect is half Tibet forest.

Female Wang Hong intervenes in Liu Yang and aqin apologizes: Im so scum and Ive done something wrong

On November 20, shanzang forest, the third party who caused Liu Yang and aqin to break up, posted an apology on her microblog. She recalled the whole process of the incident and expressed her apology to aqin and the netizens who followed her. At the same time, she admitted that she was a bad person.