Patient No. 0 is not necessarily only one person, but also an expert to explain the six questions of the epidemic situation

 Patient No. 0 is not necessarily only one person, but also an expert to explain the six questions of the epidemic situation

Gao Zhengliang, Professor, School of medicine, Tongji University and deputy director of Science Popularization Committee, Chinese society of cell biology

Gao Zheng Liang

Professor and doctoral supervisor of Medical School of Tongji University. Expert in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, Shanghai distinguished professor (Oriental scholar). Deputy director of Science Popularization Committee of China Society of cell biology, director of stem cell therapy and application research branch of China Society of cell biology and head of science popularization group, member of transformation medicine special committee of Shanghai Society of bioengineering.

According to statistics from the national health and Health Commission, at 0-24 oclock on February 28, 30 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) outside Hubei and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 4 newly confirmed cases. As of 24:00 on February 28, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported that more than 39000 discharged cases had been cured.

On the one hand, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is positive. On the other hand, problems such as virus tracing, research and development of specific drugs are to be solved. The resumption of production and the increase of new cases in some countries also bring new challenges to epidemic prevention and control. Recently, through an online interview organized by China Association of science and technology, Gao Zhengliang, Professor of Tongji University School of medicine and deputy director of Science Popularization Committee of China Society of cell biology, responded to relevant questions.

1u3001 Why new use of old medicine?

In theory, there are no targeted drugs for new viral diseases, no matter in traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine; vaccine and antibody far away from water and near fire, R & D and clinical research and development should be at least 1-3 years.

In case of emergency, new use of old drugs is a choice, but it is also very challenging: there are few good viral drugs to choose, and the difference between viruses is relatively large, and they are absolute intracellular parasites, with fewer good targets and less commonality; whether new drug development or new use of old drugs, the success rate is much lower than that of antibiotics for new bacterial diseases.

Chloroquine phosphate, the old drug recommended in the sixth edition of the guidelines, may have some effects, but it may lead to sudden death, which has been warned; the study of Shanghai public health clinical center did not find that lopinavir / veritonavir and abidol have the effect of improving symptoms or shortening the time of virus DNA turning negative in respiratory samples, and the adverse reactions of the test group (lopinaviritovir group) The incidence was higher than that of the control group.

2u3001 How does traditional medicine work?

Now there are many traditional medical treatment schemes, which have also caused a heated discussion among many biomedical professors and experts. The basic consensus is that there are dross in traditional medicine, which has the essence. We need to explore the scientific and modern path, seek truth and falsehood, and clean up the root.

Its not a scientific and rigorous attitude to deny the traditional medicine without any difference, but we need to avoid the drugs with greater toxic and side effects as much as possible, focus on mining and play the role of conditioning, support and treatment of traditional medicine; critical diseases, especially patients with rapid deterioration like cytokine inflammatory storm, are challenging for traditional medicine, so we need to use them carefully and sparingly.

3u3001 Dont make conclusions about treatment

It should be noted that although the new coronavirus can cause severe pneumonia, even life-threatening, for most patients, it is self limiting, does not need treatment or simple support treatment, strengthens nutrition, immunity, pays attention to diet rest and mood stability and recovery.

Therefore, researchers need to pay special attention to the potential misleading of individual and small-scale research results. On the basis of such a high rate of self-healing, indiscriminate selection of treatment groups or eager to publicize the effectiveness of a certain treatment is easy to mislead, and even cause harm to patients. Whether western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, we need to pay special attention to not easily conclude, not to expand the publicity.

4u3001 How to treat patient zero?

The importance of patient zero stems from the need for virus traceability. I dont think patient zero can only be one person, it can be multiple.

Patient zero can provide clues to the earliest source of the virus, help to analyze the origin, intermediate and primary hosts of the new coronavirus, and understand and prevent potential infection. But now we dont know who is patient No. 0, or whether there are relevant data of patient No. 0, and we cant be sure that the seafood market in South China is the earliest place of origin, which brings great challenges to virus traceability.

Five, how to novel coronavirus pneumonia may exist with humans for a long time?

For a variety of reasons, this view has become popular since January, and more and more people begin to accept this idea.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia: the mortality rate of new crown pneumonia is mainly due to the fact that the data from the early stage outside Hubei are misleading. The representative deviation of the migration staff (such as younger age) and the death lag cause the death rate to be false. Now, the mortality rates both in China and abroad are approaching 1% outside Hubei. This mortality rate determines that the new crown pneumonia is not a flow. Sense.

6u3001 99 steps in prevention and control of major epidemic

Epidemic is war, and war will inevitably have sacrifice and loss. In a great sense, epidemic is more cruel than war: we dont know where the enemy is, but the enemy is highly integrated with us.

We must understand and attach great importance to the fact that 99 steps in the prevention and control of major epidemics are equal to no steps, and the more difficult it is to finish the epidemic, for example, the epidemic in some local prisons is the result of one-step carelessness, and the resumption of work also needs to be carried out in a careful and orderly manner to prevent the rebound.

Now one thing that worries me a lot is the international situation. We should try our best to prevent backflow, so as to give full play to the maximum value of prevention and control measures in Hubei and Wuhan.