Shanghai express little brother can enter the community. The first express pass has been issued

 Shanghai express little brother can enter the community. The first express pass has been issued

It is understood that under the conditions of complete and effective personal information and good faith of the enterprise providing isolation certificate, JD logistics took the lead in obtaining the qualification of contactless delivery into the street community of Hudong new village. On the morning of the 29th, CCTV reporters from the business department of Pudong Avenue of JD logistics learned that the couriers of the business department delivering the street of Hudong new village have obtained access cards.

It is understood that since February 8, 58 communities in Shanghai Hudong community have implemented closed management, and personnel from express delivery, take out and other industries are not allowed to enter. On February 26, the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Xincun street in Hudong held a special coordination meeting, inviting 16 express companies with management sites in the jurisdiction, such as Jingdong Logistics, to discuss the next solution. As long as we strictly implement the detailed rules of measures according to the requirements of urban work, it is possible to re-enter the contactless delivery area.

The business department of Pudong Avenue of Jingdong Logistics took the lead in responding: all 21 employees in the station submitted complete personal information, including personal track certificate and personal commitment letter during the epidemic; the enterprise also provided the community with the 14 day isolation certificate and enterprise integrity commitment letter of employees returning to Shanghai. Xu Jun, the first courier to obtain a pass, returned to Shanghai from Taizhou, Jiangsu Province on January 30. After 14 days of home quarantine, he came to work on February 15, providing complete and clear information.

Data shows that the daily delivery volume of JD logistics in the jurisdiction of Hudong is about 4000 pieces, which can re-enter the community, bringing a lot of convenience to couriers and ordinary people. The street staff also introduced that this is the first step for the express brother to deliver contactless in the community, and the next step will be to gradually adjust the relevant resources according to the practice, so as to bring more convenience for the people to collect express delivery.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, prevention and control measures have been continuously strengthened in various regions. Many communities across the country have implemented closed management, which not only ensures the health and safety of personnel, but also puts forward higher requirements for the safety and convenience of express delivery last kilometer service.