Visiting new patients in Beijing Childrens Hospital in separate ward

 Visiting new patients in Beijing Childrens Hospital in separate ward

As early as 2015, Beijing Childrens hospital took the lead in carrying out non emergency comprehensive appointment, carrying out time-sharing and real name medical treatment. Patients can make appointments through mobile app, wechat, telephone, network, doctor workstation and other ways. Affected by the epidemic situation, the hospital adopted a dynamic adjustment plan for the outpatient departments and doctors. Parents of the children were invited to pay close attention to the hospitals medical information, abide by the local epidemic prevention and control policies and the hospitals medical procedures. Non emergency appointments were made in advance, peak staggered visits were made, and the whole process was well protected.

The emergency department of Beijing Childrens hospital is open 24 hours a year. As of February 28, 9478 children had been received. As one of the critical neonate transport centers in Beijing, 46 cases of critical neonate transport were completed in epidemic period, nearly half of them needed respiratory support, and the minimum birth weight was only 860g.

For children with surgery and hospitalized children, the hospital gave priority to emergency surgery and advocated non emergency surgery. From January 20 to February 28, 2526 cases were operated. In February, there were 500 children in hospital.

Under the condition of ensuring that the protective measures of medical staff are implemented in place, the inpatient indications, pre hospital inspection and the signing of the patients letter of commitment shall be strictly enforced, and all newly admitted patients shall be admitted in a separate area, the ward visit shall be stopped and the accompanying management shall be strictly enforced.