Vice mayor of Wuhan responds to community group buying: not enough fine supply mode is single

 Vice mayor of Wuhan responds to community group buying: not enough fine supply mode is single

There are still some problems in the community group buying, such as not accurate enough, not refined enough, and the supply mode is relatively simple, which can not meet all the individual needs of every resident. In response to the recently concerned problems such as group purchase of living materials for citizens in Wuhan community, Xu Honglan, vice mayor of Wuhan Municipal Peoples government, responded that the group purchase of community is actually a new supply mode launched in an emergency situation, and there are still many shortcomings, it is with the help of you, and with your continuous suggestions, we are also constantly improving and upgrading. You are welcome to give us feedback on the problems in the process of work in time, so that we can further improve, improve and upgrade.

Xu Honglan said that next, Wuhan will further strengthen the source of goods to raise reserves, actively strive for the support of the national development and Reform Commission and other ministries and commissions, strengthen the security of Wuhans grain, edible oil, pork and other materials, and ensure the sufficient reserves of rice, flour, oil, meat and other important living materials. We will seize the opportunity of returning to work and production all over the country, increase market procurement, and enrich the variety of products.

At the same time, we will further strengthen the supervision of the quality and price inspection of community group purchase commodities, thank you for the understanding of the public when we first carried out group purchase, and also thank the public friends who put forward opinions and suggestions to make our group purchase mode continuously perfect. Please believe that we will continue to work hard and make our work better.

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