Wuhan: 10 yuan 10 jin vegetable bag for the poor

 Wuhan: 10 yuan 10 jin vegetable bag for the poor

Xu Honglan: support Wuhan caring vegetables to give priority to the poor (source: Peoples daily)

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters held thirty-fifth press conference in February 29th for the difficult crowd, Wuhan launched 10 yuan and 10 kg vegetable package at 16 oclock in February 29th.

Xu Honglan, vice mayor of Wuhan Municipal Peoples government, said that Wuhan city is going all out to do a good job of supporting the poor. Through government subsidies, Chinese, Wuhan, Wal Mart, Carrefour and other super businesses were organized to launch 10 yuan and 10 jin vegetable bags for low-income groups.

Wuhan also gives priority to donating the love vegetables donated to Wuhan by other provinces and cities to the people in need. At the same time, it gives full play to the role of communities and volunteers to help the elderly and the disabled buy and sell on behalf of others.