E-workers not leaving Beijing are required to be quarantined? Beijing: some cases will be improved

 E-workers not leaving Beijing are required to be quarantined? Beijing: some cases will be improved

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing on the afternoon of 29 May, at the news conference, the Deputy Secretary General of the Beijing municipal government Chen Bei issued a relevant regulations on the prevention and control of the disease that was strictly forbidden from Beijing to take high-risk personnel to Beijing. Chen Bei said that the coordination mechanism for strict management of joint defense and joint control in the capital has adopted a series of practical and effective emergency prevention measures to minimize the risk of epidemic input.

According to Chen Bei, since the launch of the coordination mechanism, the number of high-risk personnel entering Beijing has decreased from nearly one thousand a day to dozens. However, according to the current situation, a small number of people still enter Beijing every day from Hubei and other areas with serious epidemic situation. In particular, recently, Huang Mou, a prisoner released from Wuhan womens prison, was diagnosed with a new type of coronary pneumonia after his relatives in Beijing went to Wuhan to receive him, which attracted widespread public attention.

In order to further do a good job in the prevention and control of foreign input, we should try our best to cut off the source of infection. According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control in the capital and the requirements of Quartet responsibilities, it is clear that no unit or person shall go to Hubei Province to receive people to Beijing without authorization, and shall not go to other places to receive people from Hubei Province to Beijing without authorization, nor shall four categories of personnel, including the national confirmed cases, suspected cases, patients with fever symptoms, close contacts, enter Beijing without authorization. For those who do not comply with the relevant provisions of the epidemic situation and receive people into Beijing without permission, the discipline inspection and supervision department shall deal with them in accordance with the discipline and regulations and notify them. The judicial organ that constitutes the illegal crime shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

At the meeting, a reporter asked how to solve the situation that the people of Hubei nationality were not required to leave Beijing for isolation or the people of Hubei nationality were difficult to return home from areas outside Hubei. Chen Bei said that recently, there have been situations in which the people of Wuhan nationality who have never left Beijing were required to be isolated, the people of Hubei nationality who have not returned to Hubei were difficult to return home, and the password of the tenant has been frozen. Although they are individual cases, they remind us to pass more refined measures Take appropriate measures to prevent and control. She said that the current strict prevention and control measures are to win the prevention and control resistance war earlier. Beijing will next improve relevant measures, such as improving the big data platform, implementing more refined, providing more comprehensive services, and fighting the epidemic in a more scientific and effective way. She hopes to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible through common adherence and responsibility.

Hubei netizens have not returned to Hubei and are still isolated from the media: unreasonable and ignorant

Only because the ID card is 420, even if the Spring Festival did not return to Hubei, still be isolated by the community requirements. This is the experience of Hubei netizens posting, and also the performance of lazy politics. People from the epidemic area need to be quarantined, which is necessary for anti epidemic, but whats the relationship with the ID card number? There are many ways to query activity track. Cant you take a look carefully? According to the ID card number, all the staff members are easy to carry out. Hubei compatriots can be killed! #The virus will not be transmitted through the ID card number. This is common sense. I hope every staff member understands it.