Does the anatomical report show that the sputum thrombus produced by ventilator can cause hypoxia? Official rumor

 Does the anatomical report show that the sputum thrombus produced by ventilator can cause hypoxia? Official rumor

The autopsy report did not mention that the pulmonary mucus secretion was related to the ventilator

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was published in Nandu on the morning of February 28th, the forenoon publication of the first autopsy report on the death of the new crown pneumonia in China. The author of the report is the first president of the Hubei forensic Association, Liu Liang, Professor of forensic medicine, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported by Nandu correspondent. The new lung showed a lot of thick secretions from the alveoli and visible fibers. The report suggests that novel coronavirus pneumonia mainly causes inflammatory reactions in deep airway and alveolar injury. It is worth noting that there is no mention in the report that the presence of mucinous secretions in lung sections is related to the use of respirators.

A novel coronavirus on the novel coronavirus pneumonia was found on the Internet in the afternoon of February 28th, and was subsequently transmitted by a micro-blog V, causing widespread concern. The rumor said novel coronavirus pneumonia was caused by a large number of phlegm suppositories, and sputum embolus leading to hypoxia. It was also called phlegm because the ventilator was used. After the sputum suction machine was used, the death toll in Wuhan today dropped by half for the first time, from more than 100 to more than 50 per day, the message also said to thank Tongzhi forensic Department Professor Liu Liangs team. Now.

On February 29, Wuhan Internet Information Offices official microblog Wuhan release forwarded the statement of refutation, pointing out that the autopsy report published in the Journal of forensic medicine did not mention the causal relationship between ventilator and phlegm suppository. Obviously, the production of sputum thrombus caused by ventilator is nonsense. On Weibo, many doctors also pointed out the absurdity of this statement, saying that when using ventilator for treatment, sputum suction is a routine operation, negative pressure sputum suction device and ventilator itself are used together and so on.

The reporter of Nandu noted that Professor Liu Liang also forwarded many disinformation messages through social media account, saying that the rumors on the Internet dont know the source of information or who sent them.

The reduction of novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in Wuhan is the overall effectiveness of prevention and control.

In addition, for the first time that the number of deaths in Wuhan dropped by half, Nandu reporter inquired the data released by the health and Health Commission of Hubei Province and found that on February 23, there were 149 new deaths in Hubei Province, including 131 in Wuhan; by February 24, there were 68 new deaths in Hubei Province, including 56 in Wuhan, after which the number of new deaths dropped to double digits.

For Wuhan, the sharp decline in the number of deaths is due to the use of sputum suction machine for emergency treatment. The article forwarded by Wuhan release pointed out that the control of the number of deaths is the manifestation of the overall effect of prevention and control.

Professor Zhao Yan, vice president of Central South Hospital of Wuhan University and director of emergency department, analyzed that the decrease of death toll may be related to the recent phenomenon of bed and others . In the early stage, due to the short-term outbreak of patients, the medical resources of Wuhan hospital could not meet the needs of patients treatment, many interventions were not fully applied, and the patients died. At the present stage, although the treatment task in Wuhan is still arduous, the shortage of medical resources has been greatly alleviated, so the number of deaths has also returned to a relatively normal level.

Unexpectedly, this exciting news was also used by people with ulterior motives to organize and attack the anti epidemic front line. At a critical time, to see through rumors, not to spread them or not to believe them, is to strongly support the fight against the epidemic. Zhao Yan said.