Outbreak of hepatitis A in Donggang and Zhuanghe, Liaoning? Official: no clustering cases

 Outbreak of hepatitis A in Donggang and Zhuanghe, Liaoning? Official: no clustering cases

In response, the reporter confirmed the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the two places on the 29th. Response of Zhuanghe CDC: through epidemiological investigation,

As of February 28, there was no clustering case of Zhuanghe hepatitis A, which was sporadic and no second-generation case was found. The cases mainly occurred in coastal areas. Most of the cases had habits of eating raw seafood or not cooked and fully cooked seafood. Some of the patients had bad health habits such as eating raw vegetables, fruits, drinking raw well water and not washing hands before and after eating.

Donggang CDC response:

The incidence of hepatitis A is often cyclical, with obvious seasonality. It is prone to high incidence in winter and spring.

From the 1-2 month of this year, the incidence of hepatitis A is slightly higher than that of the previous five years, but it is lower than the highest in five years. There is no correlation between cases and the incidence rate of hepatitis A is not obvious in Donggang.

Hepatitis A is a preventable, controllable and treatable infectious disease. The most simple and effective way to prevent hepatitis A is vaccination,

People who have no history of hepatitis A immunization and who have not been infected with hepatitis A virus can be prevented by hepatitis A vaccine. In addition, the key to prevent hepatitis A is to control the disease from the mouth.

The CDC reminded the general public to pay attention to the following points:

1u3001 Pay attention to food hygiene and wash hands before and after eating.

2u3001 Eat cooked food, drink boiled water, do not eat seafood raw, especially do not eat offshore products raw.

3u3001 For disinfection of shared tableware, it is better to separate meals. The cutting board, knives and storage containers of raw food and cooked food should be strictly separated to prevent pollution.

4u3001 The food that is easy to be polluted should be heated at high temperature. In general, if it is heated at 100 u2103 for one minute, it will make HAV and other products lose their activity.

5u3001 Do not go to the unsanitary stall for dinner.

The disease control department reminds the general public to rationally obtain the official information issued by the government and prevent it scientifically. Do not spread or spread unconfirmed information at will. Do not spread rumors, believe them, spread them, blindly forward false information, and do not make yourself a promoter of rumors.