State Council: to prevent over disinfection, do not spray peoples whole body directly with disinfectant

 State Council: to prevent over disinfection, do not spray peoples whole body directly with disinfectant

The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control mechanism (leading group and command post) of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and Xinjiang production and construction corps should be dealt with:

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is to be directed to scientific disinfection and precise disinfection in various areas, and the epidemic prevention and control is put into effect.

1u3001 Carry out disinfection according to laws and regulations

2u3001 Take scientific disinfection measures

All localities should carry out precise measures and scientific disinfection to truly cut off the transmission channels and control the epidemic of infectious diseases. When there is no clear source of infection, do a good job in preventive disinfection, increase the frequency of disinfection on the surface of objects in densely populated places such as hospitals, airports and stations, strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of door handles and elevator buttons in high-frequency contact, do a good job in garbage, feces and sewage collection and harmless treatment, and do a good job in personal hand hygiene. When there is a clear source of infection, it is necessary to strengthen the disinfection at any time and at the end of disinfection in the isolation area, the places where the cases have lived and the transfer vehicles.

3u3001 Prevent over sterilization

All localities should prevent over disinfection, do not carry out large-scale disinfection of outdoor environment, do not carry out disinfection of external environment in rainy and snowy weather, do not carry out air disinfection of external environment, do not directly use disinfectant (powder) to spray disinfection on the whole body of personnel, do not add disinfectant (powder) to water pool, reservoir, artificial lake and other environments, and do not use chemical disinfectant to indoor air under the condition of people Disinfection.

4u3001 Do a good job in quality control and effect evaluation

All localities should ensure the disinfection effect and control the disinfection quality. The disinfection products used shall be legal and effective, and shall be used in strict accordance with the product instructions. According to the characteristics of disinfection objects, reliable disinfection methods and dosage should be selected, and necessary detection methods should be taken to ensure the disinfection effect. For the prophylactic disinfection with wide range and long duration and the terminal disinfection with great influence, the disease control departments at all levels should evaluate the disinfection effect.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia should be handled by the State Council

Comprehensive group of joint prevention and control mechanism of epidemic situation


February 29, 2020

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Excessive disinfection seriously pollutes groundwater? Expert: not yet

Disinfection is an important means to cut off the transmission of virus and control the epidemic of infectious diseases. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, many people have used 84 disinfectant and alcohol to disinfect the home environment or clothing. At the same time, there are also concerns that excessive disinfection leads to a large number of disinfectants seriously polluting groundwater.