Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health: the total effective rate of TCM in treatment is 94.4percent

 Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health: the total effective rate of TCM in treatment is 94.4percent

Gao Xiaojun, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Commission of health, made the above statement at a press conference on the 29th. He said that all designated hospitals in Beijing conscientiously implemented the double team leader and double ward rounds, that is, the hospital set up a double team leader of Chinese and Western medicine treatment and a joint ward round of Chinese and Western medicine; three types and three steps, that is, the common type, the heavy type, the critical type and the hospital level, district level, city level decision-making system of integrated treatment of Chinese and Western medicine.

Gao Xiaojun said that Beijing has strengthened the rehabilitation service of traditional Chinese medicine for discharged patients and provided targeted rehabilitation guidance for each discharged patient.

Among the confirmed cases in Beijing, the proportion of children under 5 years old and the elderly over 80 years old is significantly higher. Many elderly people are accompanied with serious cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and malignant tumors, which increases the difficulty of treatment, prolongs the length of stay, and puts forward higher requirements for medical and nursing work.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia critical care expert group, composed of intensive care, respiratory, Chinese medicine, nursing and other experts, has been established in Beijing. It has been improving the consultation system and conducting consultation through various forms to guide the treatment of severe and critical patients.

Beijing has also established a screening system for patients condition, and established a screening index system. The Municipal Quality Control Center for critical care medicine organizes experts to screen the condition of patients admitted to the municipal designated hospitals every day. The patients with high risk will be given prompt and expert opinions to the hospitals in time, so as to prevent the patients condition from light to heavy, from heavy to dangerous, and strive to reduce the death rate.

In view of the fact that Ditan hospital and Youan Hospital have received more critical cases, 35 experts of critical medicine and other disciplines were selected from 8 tertiary hospitals to participate in the critical care team. According to the characteristics of the elderly patients with many basic diseases and the rapid changes of childrens conditions, we have arranged experts from cardiology, neurology and pediatrics to participate in the treatment, and achieved good results.

Gao Xiaojun said that in the next step, Beijing will further improve the treatment plan, continue to coordinate the citys medical resources, increase the treatment of critical and severe cases, constantly improve the cure rate and reduce the death rate.