Sun Yangs mother responded to the media: what can I say at this critical moment

 Sun Yangs mother responded to the media: what can I say at this critical moment

Exclusive contact Sun Yangs mother: at this critical moment, its not convenient for me to say anything (source: video synthesis)

Yang Ming said to reporters, thank you very much for your concern about Sun Yangs situation, but at this critical period, its not convenient for you to say anything. Im sorry. She explained to reporters that there are a lot of people calling at present, sometimes my expression may not be in place, the broadcast is not good, and I just read an article, I didnt say these words at all.

u25b3 Tu said: on November 15, 2019 local time, Sun Yang attended the public hearing of the international sports arbitration court in Montreux, Switzerland.

At this time, I dont think theres anything to say. In fact, or in other ways, I think you should also be able to learn about it from the Internet. Yang Ming said.

As for the current situation of appeal again, Yang Ming said, if you dont make this decision so quickly, its hard to say now that you have to do a lot of preparation for appeal.

u25b3 Sun Yang and Zhang Qihuai. Source: Zhang Qihuai micro blog

After yesterdays hearing of the verdict, Sun Yang announced on social media that he had entrusted lawyers to appeal to the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federation in accordance with the law, and said that he firmly believed that facts must overcome lies and fight to the end to defend his legitimate rights and interests. and Zongxiang news reporter learned that Sun Yang practiced twice a day in Beijing on the 28th, and that night Sun Yang almost stayed up all night.

This afternoon, Zhang Qihuai, deputy lawyer of Sun Yang and director of Beijing Lanpeng law firm, accepted Sun Yangs entrustment and issued a statement saying that Sun Yang would appeal to the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federation within 30 days in accordance with legal procedures.

Zhang Qihuai wrote in the statement: in 2017, the doping inspector was complained by Sun Yang because he did not have the valid qualification, and the complaint is still pending. This inspection obviously belongs to the doping inspectors false public benefit and public revenge. In addition, the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) is a party to this case, as well as a maker and interpreter of the international standards for inspection and investigation, that is, the agency is both an athlete and a referee. The International Court of sports arbitration did not make an independent judgment and fair and impartial award in this case.

At the end of the statement, it pointed out that although prejudice and lies are like night, which may temporarily blind the eyes of the world, it is impossible to prevent the dawn.

According to the past practice, the parties have objections to the arbitration result of the international sports arbitration court, and they can apply to the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federation for judicial review within 15 days. The statement of 30 days litigation period mentioned by Lawyer Zhang Qihuai comes from the award of the international sports arbitration court.

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