Henan Changyuan ban mask trade road market detain 250000 masks

 Henan Changyuan ban mask trade road market detain 250000 masks

According to reports, from February 7, a group of lawbreakers gathered at the roadside of the return of medical devices to the innovation and entrepreneurship Park in dingluan Town, Changyuan City, selling masks at high prices to seek improper interests.

After finding out the situation, Changyuan Public Security Bureau, together with the market supervision bureau, dispatched more than 300 police forces and more than 200 people together with the market supervision bureau on February 20 to conduct a surprise check on the high price sales of masks and medical protective equipment in the road market. 17 illegal personnel were controlled on the spot, 12 vehicles were seized, cash was more than 2.17 million yuan, and three certificates and one list was temporarily withheld 250000 medical masks and surgical masks are incomplete.

At present, the road market has been banned, and Changyuan market supervision and Administration Bureau has required medical protective equipment manufacturers such as masks to directly transport to the demand units, reduce the intermediate links, prevent masks from entering the market and form multiple turnover to raise the price, and require the relevant logistics companies to receive and deliver to the manufacturers to reduce the turnover link.

Changyuan city has more than 70 enterprises of various kinds of sanitary materials, more than 2000 operating enterprises, known as the capital of medical consumables in China. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, most of the masks produced by local enterprises in Changyuan have been allocated according to the specific requirements of epidemic.