Lactation patients: I use the breast pump nurse in the shelter to make shelter for me

 Lactation patients: I use the breast pump nurse in the shelter to make shelter for me

There was silence all around. Zhang Ying put on her overcoat, tightly covered her quilt, turned her back to the corridor, took out her breast pump and began to suck. She is 29 years old and a lactating mother. Her daughter has just turned five months old.

This action was noticed by the nurses Zhan Fangfang and Luo qiongqing who came to check the room. The interior of the shelter hospital is a big shop, there is no obvious division between male and female patients, which brings embarrassment to nursing mothers.

Soon, they had a decision. In the early morning of the next day, Zhang Ying heard a sound in her sleep. She opened her eyes and saw that two nurses were putting a mobile billboard at the end of the bed to make a shelter for her to suck milk. In order to supplement Zhang Yings nutrition, Zhan Fangfang also gave her the milk powder sent by the caring people.

On February 28, half a month after the treatment in the shelter, Zhang Yings nucleic acid test turned negative twice in a row. Coming home soon, she has a new worry: will the virus affect breastfeeding after cure?

Armor and weakness of young Baoma

Zhang Ying is a young Baoma in Wuhan. Last September, she gave birth to a baby girl named little grapefruit. At the time of the outbreak, her daughter was less than half a year old.

Her husband has been serving in Inner Mongolia for a long time. Zhang Ying lives with her parents with her baby. She recalled to the surging news that she rarely went out to nurse at home, which may have been infected by her parents when they went out to buy vegetables.

On February 1, Zhang Ying felt unwell after her nap and started a low fever. At that time, the epidemic situation in Wuhan was severe. She dared not go out at will and began to isolate at home. At the same time, she asked for help from her parents in law in Xiaogan, hoping that they could come to Wuhan to help take care of her.

On February 6, Zhang Ying and her mother went to the hospital for nucleic acid test. The results showed that her mother was positive, while Zhang Ying was negative. Due to the limited beds in the hospital, the mother can only continue home isolation after diagnosis. Dont want to delay the treatment, Zhang Ying calls out hundreds of calls every day, contacts the hospital and the community, and posts online for help.

Zhang Ying said that at that time, the community took nucleic acid negative and positive as the isolation standard. Although her CT report showed that the lung had infection symptoms, but the nucleic acid was negative and could not be arranged.

Soon after, the father who took care of the family began to develop symptoms of infection. Due to the closure of many places in Hubei Province, her parents-in-law was trapped in Xiaogan, so she was busy contacting the communities on both sides, explaining the situation and issuing a pass.

On February 11, the fathers nucleic acid results came out: positive. However, Zhang Yings retest needs to be done again because the nucleic acid samples are not qualified.

Two days later, her father was admitted to Wuhan Jiangan fangcang hospital, and Zhang Ying was officially diagnosed on that day. On February 14, she was transferred to Jiangan fangcang hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the five month old baby is the most reassuring. Zhang Ying said that after the diagnosis of all the family members, before her mother-in-law arrived in Wuhan, she temporarily gave her baby to her aunt for care, and monitored her babys physical condition every day, for fear that she would also be infected.

Family is her weakness and her armor.

Recalling the course of seeking medical treatment, Zhang Ying called that period the most difficult and collapsing period of her life. My parents and I live next to each others houses. After they are sent to isolation one by one, I sit alone in the living room and look at the empty house. My heart is very scared. I understand why people with depression cant think of it for a moment, but I am the pillar of the family. I cant Fall.

The care of the paramedics is my special drug

Because her daughter is only five months old, Zhang Ying wants to continue breast-feeding after being cured. Before she was hospitalized, she specially took a breast-feeding device and insisted on regularly sucking twice or three times a day to maintain milk secretion.

Because the inside of the shelter hospital is a large shop, there is no obvious separation between male and female patients. Zhang Ying uses quilts and clothes to make simple shelter before sucking milk. The third bed next to me is a man, he didnt come long ago.

Help Zhang Yings nurses in Jiangxi medical team. The pictures are provided by the interviewees

Surging news learned that Jiangan fangcang hospital was taken over by medical teams from Hebei, Jiangxi and Tianjin. The nurses in charge of Zhang Yings area were Zhan Fangfang and Luo qiongqing from Jiangxi medical team.

They noticed Zhang Yings little action during a round. They found a piece of cloth and wanted to make shelter around her bed. However, due to limited conditions, there was no fixed curtain around the bed, so they had no choice but to give up. After that, they turned out a mobile billboard with no smoking on the third floor of the square cabin to stand at the end of Zhang Yings bed.

The baffle found by Zhan Fangfang and Luo qiongqing for Zhang Ying

On the morning of February 21, Zhang Ying woke up and found that there was a plastic bag beside her bed. At first, she thought it was someone elses things that were misplaced, until she saw the small paper in the bag. It turned out that this gift was sent by Zhan Fangfang, a nurse who helped her find the billboard. It contained the milk powder that the caring people gave to the medical staff to supplement nutrition. She gave it to Zhang Ying.

Milk powder, wipes and hand cream from Zhan Fangfang to Zhang Ying

A note written by Zhan Fangfang to Zhang Ying

Holding the gift, Zhang Ying was very moved, but she didnt have time to thank the nurse face to face because she missed the time of shift handover. I didnt expect that two days later, Luo qiongqing sent her another pile of masks. Luo qiongqing is also a treasure mother. Her second child is only 8 months old. This time, she volunteered to come to Wuhan for support. Luo qiongqing said that the masks were specially sent by her lover from her hometown.

A mask given to Zhang Ying by nurse Luo qiongqing

A note written by Luo qiongqing to Zhang Ying

Zhang Ying told the surging news that the two nurses who gave her the love gift were very concerned about the patients at ordinary times. They often asked what they lacked and helped them within their ability.

When she was just in hospital, Zhang Ying also felt depressed. Her husband was not around, her parents were infected, and her child was unknown at home. In those days, she kept calling outside in the shelter, until the two nurses appeared, I felt a lot of peace..

Lying on the hospital bed, Zhang Ying watched the medical staff wearing heavy protective clothing and goggles, bustling around, running east and West. For a long time, the goggles were full of water vapor, covering the eyes and unable to see the road clearly. Every time they wanted to register information for patients, the nurses would take the paper very close, and then shake their heads hard to let the water vapor on the goggles slide down.

Zhang Ying occasionally heard a young nurse Tucao make complaints about thirsty to death and returning to the hotel to drink two bottles of water. In particular, the deep memory is the snow night of February 15. At about three oclock in the morning, she walked across the hall at night and saw three little nurses huddled together to cover a quilt for warmth.

New worry: after cure, will virus affect lactation?

After half a months treatment in the shelter, Zhang Yings body gradually recovered. She told surging news that she had done two nucleic acid tests so far, and the results were negative. A CT Reexamination showed that the condition of the lung improved.

But she has a new worry: after cure, will the virus affect me to continue to breastfeed?

Zhang Ying told the novel coronavirus pneumonia, since her familys diagnosis, she was most worried about the child. I am still thinking of giving my child lactation, but the current situation is not clear whether breastfeeding mothers can continue to breast feed after the new crown pneumonia is cured.

How long can you contact the baby after healing and isolation? Can we continue breastfeeding? During hospitalization, if you take a lot of Chinese and Western medicine and take CT frequently, will it affect the quality of breast milk? How long can drugs and viruses be metabolized? Can virus still have infectivity in vivo? Is there a residual virus in human milk, or will it produce antibodies? For this series of questions, Zhang Ying is looking forward to the opinions of professionals, telling lactating mothers like her how to do it.

In the shelter, Zhang Ying also talked with the doctor, but got different answers.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus prevention guidelines for children, who have been recommended by the CDC in China, have suggested that if childrens parents or other caregivers have suspicious symptoms of fever, dry cough, sore throat, chest tightness, dyspnea, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, muscle soreness, and so on, they should also wear their mouth at home. Cover and properly isolate at home. If the parents are diagnosed as suspected or confirmed cases, the children need to be isolated at home for medical observation for 14 days after the last contact with the case without effective protection.

Not worth mentioning novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection is also a temporary guide for the management of the mild suspected new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection released in February 4th. Mothers can continue breastfeeding in the light of the many benefits of breastfeeding and the insignificant role of breast milk in other respiratory viruses. However, the mother should wear a medical mask when she is close to the baby, and carefully take hand cleaning measures before close contact with the baby.

The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia is limited by novel coronavirus, Wang Jing, an international lactation consultant at the Fudan University obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, told Xinhua. The latest research shows that no new coronavirus is found in the breast milk of 6 new-born coronavirus pneumonia patients. Even so, the possibility of breast milk transmission of respiratory diseases may be very small, and it is not enough to support a positive answer. Therefore, BMW is still recommended to suspend breastfeeding during the treatment.

Wang Jing suggested that lactating mothers, in addition to actively cooperating with the treatment, can exercise with their patients and make scientific milking plans. As long as the lactation can be maintained, the breast will produce milk continuously. Wang Jing said that after the mother leaves the hospital, she and her baby can be isolated at home, but before close contact, mothers should carefully wash their hands and wear medical masks.

Clinical analysis of 25 cases of new crown death: asphyxia due to excessive lung mucus

On February 25, medrxiv, a preprinted journal, published a paper from Wuhan University Peoples Hospital, clinical characteristics of 25 cases of pneumonia deaths: a retrospective study of a medical center in Wuhan, China. The corresponding author is Gong zuojong, director of the Department of infection, peoples Hospital of Wuhan University.