Sexual assault director Polanski won Caesar prize in France

 Sexual assault director Polanski won Caesar prize in France

The actor exits.

It is reported that in the 1970s, Polanski was convicted of sexual assault on a 13-year-old girl, after which he fled the United States. He claimed to have left because the judge who dealt with his case promised that he would receive a 90 day psychiatric assessment, but in fact sentenced him to 50 years in prison. Today, Polanski is still wanted in the United States. In the great controversy, Polanski still won the best director and the best adapted script with I complain, which led to the departure protest.

In 2019, French actress Valentine Monnier accused Polanski of raping her violently in 1975, when she was only 18, in the Parisian.


Part of the winners list of the 45th Caesar prize

Best picture: miserable world

Best director: Roman Polanski

Best actress: Agnes demoste (Alice and the mayor)

Best actor: Rushdie zem

Best Supporting Actress: Fanny Aldan (good times)

Best supporting actor: Swan araud (thank God)

Best foreign language film: parasites

Best original play: good times (Nicolas bados)

Best adapted script: I sue (Robert Harris, Roman Polanski)

Best cartoon: I lost my body

Best photography: the portrait of the burning woman

Best make-up: I sue

Editor: Wu Longzhen

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027