Sun Yangs lawyer said that suns mothers circle of friends would change the team

 Sun Yangs lawyer said that suns mothers circle of friends would change the team

Sun Yangs mothers circle of friends

(reporter Liu Yang) after the International Sports Arbitration Court banned Sun Yang for eight years, Sun Yangs mother sent a long article in her circle of friends to the media for forwarding. In the article, she mainly scolded the lawyer for being unprofessional, causing speculation from the outside world. Today, Zhang Qihuai, an acting lawyer of Sun Yang and a lawyer of Beijing Lanpeng law firm, issued a statement, confirming exclusively to the reporter of Beijing news that Sun Yangs mother has been dissatisfied with individual lawyers in the team, will change some members of the team, and is ready to appeal and Sue at home and abroad.

Sun Yangs legal counsel claims that sun MUFAs long rebuke of lawyers is true

Sleepless all night, powerless and helpless, my sons swimming pool struggle for more than 20 years, was thus strangled by power and lies. On the Internet, Sun Yangs mother angrily scolded the lawyer who participated in the hearing of the fina and the International Sports Arbitration Association on behalf of Sun Yang in the circle of friends, saying that she did not stick to the lawyer issue (replacement).

His mother said the lawyer had repeatedly omitted Sun Yangs testimony and the other partys weaknesses in key areas. What mother Sun Yang said is also true. Lawyer Zhang Qihuai, Sun Yangs legal adviser, told the Beijing news that he had been Sun Yangs personal legal adviser for many years, and that he was responsible for all legal affairs, and was one of the lawyers agent teams in this case. The lawyer Sun Yangs mother was dissatisfied with was Liu Mou, a Chinese lawyer, and a Swiss lawyer.

Zhang Qihuai explained that Sun Yangs mother has always been dissatisfied with the lawyer he has chosen, that he has also made suggestions on it, and that he has been looking for more professional lawyers in China.

Sun Yang will change his team of lawyers and take actions at home and abroad

Regarding the specific composition of the lawyer team, Zhang Qihuai explained that the agents for international arbitration and domestic arbitration can be composed of lawyers and non lawyers, and can form a multi person team with unlimited number. Among them, Liu Mou, a lawyer who is not satisfied with suns mother, came back from the United States and has been working as a legal adviser for a short time. I was a lawyer for two or three years when I started acting for Sun Yang case the year before last.. And another local Swiss lawyer who did not satisfy his mother was not senior. Sun Yang was the third arbitration case he acted for.

Zhang Qihuai said Liu had already been replaced before the arbitration proceedings, and that he would definitely change his team of lawyers in the appeal stage in the future. The next step in sunyangs case is to file a lawsuit with the Swiss Supreme Court within 30 days. In the near future, it is also necessary to bring a lawsuit against the infringer involved in perjury.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Chen Shaojie