Relaxed moment: those who are ready to fall in love, its better to express their love today!

 Relaxed moment: those who are ready to fall in love, its better to express their love today!

By the way: what is the experience of being born on this day? Four years, I want to make complaints about it.

When your deadline is March 1, and you suddenly know that tomorrow is March 29 on the night of the 28th, its like taking 100 yuan out of your old clothes pocket.

What?? I thought it was 30 days this month. Alas, another day is missing. (joking)

Friends who are going to fall in love recently, its better to express their love today! Because if we are together today, it will only take four years to celebrate our love anniversary!

Gay men, protect me, Im afraid!!

This is a special day. I wanted to take time to commemorate it. Unexpectedly, Im not busy

Stay at home everyday, grow mushroom, solved vegetable problem..

The ultimate operation of laziness:

My mother and I are comfortable sitting on the sofa watching TV. Then all of a sudden I heard my cell phone ring in the kitchen. I got up to see who had sent me the message. As a result... Its my moms message: please bring me jam and coke on the way back. (ellek)

Harm, like what mother see scold, father see hit, cant come out, cant eat Ive seen all these things for a long time.

What is the most disturbing thing during the outbreak?

(I point to my skull...)

After washing my hair in the morning, I want to learn from Tony to blow my hair with a curl comb, and then my hair will not come out in the comb... I have to roll my comb to work See the figure for details:

Dragon roared: when does the barber shop open??!

Tony: Yes! Its open! I like you~{text-decoration:none;color:#000;}{color:#d34747;}{overflow:hidden;float:left;list-style:none;width:132px;height:118px;position:relative;margin:8px3px0px0px;},{text-decoration:none;color:#fff; }{text-align:left;padding:0px6px;background-color:#313131;font-size:12px;width:120px;position:absolute;bottom:0px;left:0px;height:26px;line-height:26px;overflow:hidden;color:#fff;}{border-bottom:8pxsolid#c4282b;}{width:20px;height:20px; background:url(;position:absolute;right:12px;top:62px;opacity:0.7;color:#fff;filter:alpha(opacity=70);_background:none;_filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=;}{opacity:1; filter:alpha(opacity=100);_filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=; }if(1/*/(iPhone|iPad|iPod|Android|NETEASEBOBO|blackberry|bbd+)/ig.test(navigator.userAgent)||/safari|chrome|firefox/i.test(navigator.userAgent)*/){varstr1=; C3d59d85a29d2637e4e711da295fb2dc9d498a0. MP4 > your browser is temporarily unable to play this view Frequency. < / video > ; document. Getelementbyid (fplayer1404863609673). Parentnode. InnerHTML = STR1 + STR2;} how dedicated are barbers? (source: Netease) window. NtES & & function (d) {varf = function (c) {varb = c.getattribute (flashvars), a = c.getattribute (replaceresource). Replace (. Flv, - Mobile. MP4); H = D (c.parentnode. Parentnode. Parentnode), g=; Video ). Attr ( style , background: u0dcf);} h. $(. Video) [0]. InnerHTML = g;}, InnerHTML = (source: + b.getattribute (source) + ), f (b);}; window.continuePlay=function(){vara,b=d(d(.video-list.on)[0].nextSibling);3==b.nodeType&&(b=d(b.nextSibling));if(b&&d(.video-innerinput)[0].checked){e(b);}},function(){vara={init:function(){if(d(.video-listli)[0]){d(d(.video-listli)[0]).addCss(on),this.eventBind();}},eventBind:function(){d(.video-listli).addEvent(click, function(b){e(d(this)),b.preventDefault();});}};a.init();}();}(NTES);

How dedicated are barbers? (source: Netease)

Tony: Im a painter. Im good at painting. Im going to paint the new house (ah, no) with new hair. Its more beautiful~

Why add such difficulty to yourself?

Can you wash it??

Do you think this is a layman? Its a small matter whether I wash it or not. Im afraid to give my hair a whole baldness

Anyway, I need a Tony teacher badly now! I cut my hair once in December 2019, but I havent cut it any more. Im almost Duan Mulei, and Im just about to go to Metersbonwe with Chu yunettle..

I havent been out for so long. If you choose, whats the date you want to try the most? (what I want to try most has been said.)

Pangbian: how is it all plain???

Dating status:

I heard that many shopping malls have been opened recently? In addition to reminding everyone to wear masks when going out, and dont pile up in the crowd.

Add another sentence: when shopping, be careful of your best friend, the most terrible friend in the world..

In fact, dont worry about those shops that cant be opened. Its better to try not to go out in the critical period! Do you think you can make cakes at home, spread cold skin, make fun of hot pot and go out?

This is not... Some geniuses have made movie theater at home!!!

Leng Aguo, a father of the post-80s generation in Qingdao, stayed at home because of the epidemic and was engaged in graphic design. He exerted his creativity and successively created the arbitrary door and mini cinema of Doraemon. In just one day, the mini cinema was built with cartons and discarded red clothes.

Coke and popcorn are ready, so we are short of this set of equipment!

I admit I really envy

Its true that theres nothing wrong with girls when it comes to boys dexterity. A man is a thousand soldiers!

I want to see how many talents can be forced out by the epidemic!?

To see a movie, you must have a sense of ceremony.

For example, it takes two hours to see a movie and three hours to decide which one to watch.

It turns out that what is boring is not the house, but the lack of an interesting soul..

Fat cat:

I admire the island people for their creativity!

Lets feel the Japanese real pig food... Im drunk!!!

As for the house, the Japanese also broke their hearts for the dead house A new blue sky lighting has been developed by a motor, which can fully eliminate the feeling of room blocking and bring a sense of communication with the outside world to a house and office workers. (TW: Kouchi Guihong)

NAIS! ~If I dont give a special hint, I cant find its a light at all. Install a roof, but also immediately have the feeling of sunshine room!

It is... You look familiar?

This thing is really not my play I was lucky to experience it in the computer room of my alma mater when I was in junior high school..

Have you seen it?

Now that we mention Japan, lets focus on the Japanese epidemic:

The Japanese primary school students who heard that the school was going to have a holiday due to the epidemic said painfully to the reporter: its so depressed that they cant learn to be bored.

Well, it looks sad..

There is a kind of sadness that can only be covered by a smile. Students real reaction:

Students holiday is not far from social animals holiday, is it?

Envy... No, Ive had a rest at home

Introduce a nail to them!

Pang Bian: why use such lovely words to express the meaning of killing?

Posture of young people in online class:

Mountains and rivers are different, wind and moon are the same.

A nail quick online Japanese version of online class function!!! What time is it before we go abroad? The pain of online class can not be divided into national boundaries! (another one is crazy...)

Yesterday, Japans Kyoto News reported that Jingdu decided to refuse Abes request to suspend classes. Primary and secondary schools had normal classes on March 2. The Education Committee and school authorities of Jingdu were still discussing the arrangements after March 3.

What is this operation? Are you going to compete for the survival of the fittest? Its so loose, too young too simple!

Virus: you really dont take me seriously. Let me enlarge your moves! (error)

Does the prime minister speak up? Oh, Momo, theres no way.

Can you learn from Hokkaido governor? You cant learn from him if you look good. You can always learn from him if you are practical

Its nothing else. The lesson from the past is there. We worry about pickling for them every day Well, maybe the severity is only known through personal experience. I dont know how to arrange the follow-up, just hope everything is OK!

Is it? Were through with all the stories of the epidemic?

I seem to have seen this episode:

Yesterday evening, Japanese people suddenly began to spread a rumor - because of the epidemic, China will not export toilet paper raw materials to Japan for the time being, and may be out of stock in the future.

Because its the top priority of asshole health! Rumors spread rapidly, triggering a rush to buy. Until this morning, the shelves around Japan have been like the following pictures, all of which have been looted

Cough, that We still sell it. You dont have to rob it..

I didnt want it. I really need it next time. Dont you know that my friends in Japan have got the paper?

Could the real reason be?

In this respect, the harm is really the same in the world. The difference is that different countries have different things to rob. For example, Italy robbed spaghetti yesterday..

No wonder, after all, the essence of human beings is Yufu.

Italy: we fight against the virus!!

I really thought this fist had to weigh, but it turned out that little fist beats you on the chest???

However! Active atmosphere and careless are two different things! I hope they can pay attention to the epidemic situation and take strict precautions~

A 3: are you all weak? In 2020, you still need toilet paper? Theres no need to rob! Wash your hands when youre done.

The group chatted and said that they didnt take paper to go to the toilet. Whats the most expensive thing they used? Some people said that they used $100. Some people said that they used photos of their predecessors. When I said my answer, they all lost. I use N95.

Everyone says its too wasteful. I say its OK. You can wear it after washing. (Professor Yin)

What is happiness, is to see others like themselves before.

When I was a child, I envied my classmates who opened supermarkets at home, but I still envied them when I grew up..

Its very good. Theres a screw for sausage

Japan is robbing toilet paper, and the United States is still robbing masks.

Recently, in front of a drugstore in Houston, the public queued up to buy N95 masks. The price of each mask was $20 to $25, five times higher than usual! There are questions about the illegality of price increases for masks, which the Texas attorney generals office says are only illegal after the governor or president has issued a disaster statement.

Have you seen this episode three or four times? The plot is too similar.. Five times the mask, who can heaven spare?

Trump: no one knows the price of masks better than me.

But now Im a little worried about those overseas Chinese who donate protective equipment. What can they do? Can they buy masks? We must protect ourselves!

Have you increased the price of the mask you bought recently?

Just went to university, I said: I heard that there are many beautiful girls in the university?

My roommate said coldly, there are many gold bars in the bank... (xudooo)

Current economic situation:

Ten years ago, there was not a dime left, but one year later, there was no profit.

Im in debt, with nothing to gain, with nothing to lose, with nothing to lose, with nothing to lose, with no face to see, and with a vengeance

Economy has never been owned by the public, so its up to all of you here to give full play to it!

If you think too much before you go to bed, think about your savings, so you can think too little.

Its so hard these days!

All kinds of price rises for necessities of life and all kinds of falls in the stock market are enough. Even as a traditional safe haven asset, gold and silver have entered a slump mode!?

Wake up this morning and see your pocket lost?

In the face of gold plummeting, those who dont buy can buy it at this time. So, will you start or wait and see?

Finally, we share a puzzle:

There is an elevated road in Qingdao, Shandong Province called Xinguan elevated road. Recently, netizens proposed to change the name through the government mailbox, believing that the name is unlucky.

Really... The road sits on the ground, and the pot comes from heaven. Is the way wrong? Blame it?

Its 2020, so why dont we play text prison? Superstitious!

Viaduct: first come, second come, let the virus change its name!!!! Why do you call it new crown?

However, later, the official response: the new crown viaduct has been named in 2011, in order to maintain the stability of place names, it is generally not renamed.

Right. You have to think about everything in a good way. Its not good to pass by and remind people to wear masks?

Drive every day and live longer. Hold on a little longer and the epidemic will pass!

[Chicken Soup for a moment

Life is a period of busy, tired, painful, happy, happy and anxious.

Keep going, dont lose hope.

All right.

This is the moment today. Ill see you tomorrow!

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How do you hold your glasses?

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Who is the green tea bitch?

Please make complaints about Tucao.

Make complaints about UP!

There is a reason, there is no refutation!

You can donate some to the needy~

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