Sichuan Provincial Department of Education: the third year of senior high school

 Sichuan Provincial Department of Education: the third year of senior high school

Kindergartens and special education schools can carry out education guidance, parent-child activities and rehabilitation training in various flexible forms, but they will not carry out online education and teaching.

In principle, in the arrangement of education and teaching, the third grade of senior high school should be synchronized in the whole province as a whole, and the third grade of junior high school should be synchronized in the region as a whole by the city (prefecture). From March 2 to the beginning of the formal resumption of classes, the senior three students in the whole province organize TV (video) network teaching, online tutoring and Q & A, and guide students to self-study, so as to help solve the problems that affect learning due to the lack of terminal equipment, network signal, family supervision, etc.; schools without TV network teaching conditions can guide teachers and students to log in to Sichuan education resources Source public service platform (www.scedu. Com. CN) digital education resources area, choose to use network education resources. After fully meeting the conditions for starting and resuming classes, the province will give priority to the students in senior three to return to school for resuming classes in a unified way, and the cities (prefectures) will give priority to the overall planning of returning to school for resuming classes in junior three.

Vocational colleges should adjust the education and teaching plan according to the characteristics of the school and the specialty, and carry out the work of television recording and broadcasting and network education and teaching as a whole.

Colleges and universities should, in combination with the actual situation of their own schools, formulate online teaching programs with one school, one school and many policies, carry out the reform of teaching content and the innovation of teaching mode and method, and strengthen the examination and control of online teaching content. With the city (prefecture) Party committee and government and the school running unit (competent department) as the main body, the epidemic prevention and control in the school location will be completely lifted, the normal production and life order will be fully restored, the scientific assessment and verification of the leading group of epidemic response work will be fully qualified, and the school competent department will apply to the Department of education for the overall planning of the whole province, and then the school will organize and implement the resumption of school in a scientific and orderly way.