Secretary of the unsalable Yali village, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, persuades buyers not to sell far away

 Secretary of the unsalable Yali village, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, persuades buyers not to sell far away

Two million Pangu Yali are unsalable in Qingxian County

Pangu Yali is a special product of Qingxian County, Cangzhou. Four villages in the town, including Dapan ancient village, Xiaopan ancient village, nanwangzhuang village and Daxingzhuang village, are the main pear producers. Every spring and February, Pear Farmers in Pangu town of Qingxian County have to be busy at both ends. They should not only sell the remaining small amount of pear stocks before the year, but also think about pruning the branches of pear trees. But this year, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been affecting the fruit farmers who once ran away from their stores.

Liu Shide, Secretary of dapanju village, said that in the past, fruit farmers would pull pears to some wholesale markets in Tianjin and Beijing to sell them. There were also purchasers coming to the village to collect them. This year, due to traffic reasons, purchasers did not come again. There are also fruit farmers who will sell pears in Daji and surrounding counties and cities. At this time, many markets are closed. Although they are gradually returning to work, there are not many people buying things, which also affects the market. Zhang Zengli, Secretary of xiaopangu village, added that in the past, Pangu Yali never worried about selling.

Zhang Zengli said that more than 5000 mu of pear trees have been planted in the town. Every autumn, to catch up with the fruits and vegetables year, the yield of Yali pear can reach more than 10 million jin. Even in a small year, there are 7-8 million jin. As the pears mature, the farmers will be able to sell most of them two or three months before the lunar new year, and the rest will be sold out after the spring. But I visited the farmers in the village yesterday. There are still two or three thousand jin pears in each cellar that have not been sold.

Its been a long time since the harvest of Pangu pear. After the lunar new year, there are more than two million catties of pear in Pangu town unsalable. The weather is warm day by day. Seeing the best storage period, the farmers are more anxious.

The storage of Yali pears is full of refrigerators and cellars. Picture provided by interviewee

Afraid of smashing signboards and abandoning long-distance transportation

On February 26, the government of Pangu town in Qingxian County issued the proposal of Pangu Yali Pear unsalable Pear Farmers send out help initiative, and many local institutions, dealers, supermarkets and caring people got in touch with the villages in the town.

Zhang Zengli said that he didnt sleep before 12 oclock in the night these days. There are always endless phone calls and wechat friend verifications on this day. They are all here to buy pears. There are supermarkets and various units. Most of them are caring consumers. These consumers are not only local people, but also caring people from all over the country. However, the love from afar is still thanked and rejected by Zhang zengyai, although many friends are for love, we really need help. But if the road is far away, the logistics is not guaranteed. We are afraid that pears will bump and deteriorate in the transportation, so if the receiving place is far away, we would rather not sell them. Liu Shide also said that at this juncture, there are many e-businesses that have contacted him, but the pears stored in this season cant afford the long-distance transportation, so they are no longer ready to be sold online.

The secretaries are very sincere. They say that for Pangu Yali, the top appreciation period has passed. Although the pears are also very sweet and taste of Pangu Yali, there is still a little gap compared with the pears before this year. If we go through a long-distance transportation, Im afraid that our signboard will be smashed. If we dont hope to wait until next year, we wont dare to buy them.

Lu Zhizhong is the head of Fengren agricultural company in Qingxian County. He told reporters that there are two ways to store pear in the town. One is to store the pear in the cellar of farmers, the other is to store it in the cold storage. The quality of the products stored in the refrigerator will be better. They can be stored for another month. The priority is to hoard the pear. LV Zhizhong said that because he has many customers in Tianjin, Beijing and Baoding, and is also a member of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei agricultural products alliance, at this stage, he has contacted Shangchao, which can help villages to sell slow-moving Yali pears to some extent. At present, we will give priority to solving the unsalable problem of small farmers in Daxingzhuang village, the southernmost village of Pangu town.

According to the Beijing News, up to now, Pangu town has sold about one million jin of unsalable Yali pears, but there are still more than one million Jin in the cellars and refrigerators of the town, waiting for buyers.