How long will the mask last? I cant stand it

 How long will the mask last? I cant stand it

Why do you have all kinds of problems when you wear a mask? How does mask face come from?

Today, I invited Huang qiongzhen, a graduate student of Southern Medical University, to answer for you. Please feel free to eat.

My face is ruined by masks

To find out if its a mask pot, lets take apart the structure of the mask first.

The structure is mainly divided into three layers, the outermost layer is a waterproof layer, which is used to block the droplets; the second layer is a filter layer, which is mainly used to filter the bacteria and droplets in the air; the innermost layer, which is close to the skin, is a water absorption layer, which mainly absorbs the water vapor we exhale to ensure the dry and fresh Mask [1].

01. Crazy acne

Acne, or acne, is actually a chronic inflammatory reaction of the skin. In 2006, according to the United States research statistics, 85% of the 12-25-year-old young people have acne [3].

The root of acne is that our sebaceous glands make mistakes in the double regulation of endocrine system and skin immune system [4].

People who dont have acne are less likely to have acne because they wear masks.

However, for people who often have acne, masks only call out the acne you want to explode sooner or later. The root cause is that you are easy to get acne.

In this way of thinking, we still make money. After all, acne is not as long as it is now. People cant see it with masks anyway!

There is another reason why masks aggravate acne.

So, in order to reduce pimples, masks should be replaced every other period of time.

If there are not enough masks to replace, try not to stay out too long, and reduce going out.

02. Catastrophe oil field

Careful childrens shoes found, I just finished the face sultry will make pores shrink, affect the secretion of oil, how can there be big oily face?

In fact, oil secretion is not contradictory to acne formation at this time. They are the short-term and long-term results of wearing masks.

Imagine that, under normal circumstances, our sebaceous glands are a small branch hanging on the hair follicle, and their common outlet on the skin surface is the pores.

When the skin surface is hot and stuffy, the sebaceous glands will secrete more sebum, and the oil will constantly come out. First of all, we will feel particularly greasy on our face.

Then, the pores will shrink, and the small pocket of sebaceous gland will accumulate more and more, forming a mature fruit - acne.

When the pimples are too long to be covered, they will break through the pressure on the skins epidermis and form a broken wound on the skins surface.

The sebaceous gland is an important endocrine organ, in which there are many hormone receptors, which are affected by hormones and play a role [5].

Testosterone is one of the most important. When the level of testosterone increases, it will stimulate the sebaceous gland to secrete more oil.

Testosterone is a kind of androgen, but dont get me wrong, we girls also produce testosterone.

Well, its the virus. We have to wear masks.

Some friends dont have acne or oil on their faces, but once they put on masks, they will have redness and swelling on their faces.

This is actually allergic to the mask material.

Anaphylaxis refers to a series of hypersensitivity reactions caused by human exposure to the environment, including skin redness, itching, dyspnea and other symptoms [6].

Once wearing the mask, you will be allergic. The most likely allergen is the material of the mask.

This is not uncommon, because the dust brought by non-woven fabrics or paper products is also a common skin allergen [7].

Wearing masks for a long time will also cause friction damage to the face skin, resulting in swelling and pain.

At this stage, it is not recommended to do allergen test in a special hospital, but at least make sure that you buy a mask from a regular manufacturer.

04. Facial scar

Because the medical workers are in the most serious area of the epidemic, it is necessary to ensure the airtightness of the masks. They would rather not leave any space.

But, promise me, you dont need to rush to the front line of anti epidemic, you can have a good rest at home if you have nothing to do, OK?

In addition, the meat on the face exceeds the maximum bearing capacity of the masks~

Its OK, xiaolovely. If youre not going to a hospital or a serious epidemic area or other high-risk places, you might as well replace N95 with a general surgical mask.

No matter how difficult it is, you should wear masks

Although we cant avoid a series of skin problems caused by wearing masks for a long time, we should never put the cart before the horse.

You know, people with good skin, even wearing masks, will not have a great impact.

Moreover, cosmetics are the real heavyweight bomb when it comes to the skills of acne, oil and allergy.

It should be noted that the minerals, preservatives, stabilizers, dyes and other ingredients commonly contained in cosmetics have obvious sensitization, irritation and even damage to the health of the skin [8].

Of course, these ingredients in regular cosmetics are within the scope of safety permission. Lets not talk about toxicity in terms of dosage and dont play hooligan.

Therefore, we can tolerate the skin stimulation of cosmetics for the sake of beauty. Why cant we tolerate masks for the sake of health?

Besides, we now have masks to protect our bodies, which is equivalent to another layer of physical sunscreen. If we cant get rid of the epidemic, it will become a lightning bolt.


1. Infection control department of Hong Kong Health Protection Center. (2020). Use masks correctly to protect yourself