Old scavengers are beaten up in the street and called body conflict media: can apologies be done?

 Old scavengers are beaten up in the street and called body conflict media: can apologies be done?

A video of an elderly scavenger being hustled around in Tianjin sparked netizens anger Thursday. In the early morning of the 29th, Xianyang North Road Street, Hongqiao District, Tianjin responded: after discovering the video of the physical conflict, the community leader coordinated on the spot, and the property company and the staff apologized to the old man and got the old mans understanding. The street has made an appointment with the person in charge of the property company and has ordered the staff to be dealt with seriously.

Whats more puzzling is that the street responding to the video repeatedly pushed to the ground means physical conflict. Im afraid its hard to calm peoples anger in this way. Property company personnel have no law enforcement qualification, not to mention the right to strike people. According to the criminal law, the following two kinds of behaviors belong to those who make trouble and beat others at will with bad circumstances; those who chase, intercept and abuse others with bad circumstances. You can judge by yourself according to the video.

According to the online timeline, the video of the elderly being pushed was disclosed by netizens on the 28th, but at 1:00 a.m. on the 29th, the Street Office responded that it was understood by the elderly. Some netizens joked, is it the middle of the night to apologize? If you think about it carefully, the two sides in this incident do not have equal strength in many aspects. The elderly beaten have no choice but to forgive each other.

If there is no such video, or the video has not been widely spread, the old man may also bear it for nothing, and whether the doer will apologize to him or not will be asked.

Many people, after seeing the circulated video, issued a strong voice of condemnation. In terms of human nature, they should not treat an old man so violently in any case. In terms of law enforcement, it is said that the involved Street comprehensive law enforcement and property management company jointly clean up the sundries, so whether they have communicated with the old man fully in advance, whether they have made the old man understand the reason for cleaning up, and whether they have considered providing other solutions for the old man What about the plan, such as selling the waste products in time?

In terms of the response from the street, the old man said that the waste products would be sold by themselves and would not be piled up in a centralized way. Such a result should be said to achieve the purpose of cleaning up debris, but the means are a little rough, which not only makes the old man suffer from the crime, but also makes him on the hot search.

If there is no cost in breaking the law, human nature is hard to rely on; if apology can be settled, what else should the law do? In the society of rule of law, no one can treat others with violence without punishment. People also need to feel the fairness and justice of the rule of law in the case of old scavengers being pushed roughly.

According to the Internet, law enforcement against scavengers in zhangwulou community, Hongqiao District, Tianjin incident, a situation statement was released in the early morning of the 29th morning of Xianyang North Road Street, Hongqiao District, Tianjin, in response to the incident, the property company personnel and the elderly in the video had a physical conflict, and the person in charge of the property company had been contracted to deal with the staff seriously.