Micro video: War in Wuhan

 Micro video: War in Wuhan

This winter, she is engaged in a pathetic and tough urban defense war, and the enemy is the new coronavirus.

On January 23, 495 cases of infection were confirmed in Wuhan, including many local medical staff. In order to prevent further spread of the virus, the megacity, with a population of 1.3 times that of New York, announced closure.

From this day on, the unprecedented rescue of Wuhan began.

On January 25, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee held a meeting, determined to win the battle of prevention and control.

The epidemic is spreading. On February 2, there were more than 5000 confirmed cases in Wuhan. Wuhan is in an emergency! The next day, three shelter hospitals opened overnight.

The epidemic continued to spread. Since February 7, the central government has decided to let 19 provinces and cities organize medical teams to help cities around Wuhan.

More and more medical staff came from all over the country. On the most important day, Wuhan airport welcomed nearly 6000 angels in white.

But the epidemic is still raging. On February 11, there were nearly 20000 confirmed cases in Wuhan.

Two days later, the Chinese Air Force rushed out a strategic transport group, including yun-20, which airlifted 1400 military medical personnel to Wuhan at one time. The PLA went all out to rescue Wuhan.

Angels in white are racing against the virus. More than 1500 medical staff have been infected and some have given their lives. They lack protective clothing, they lack masks, they lack medical supplies.

The potential of manufacturing in China has been stimulated. Even automobile and mobile phone factories have begun to produce masks. The production capacity of masks has rapidly increased from 8 million per day in January to 50 million per day. All kinds of materials are continuously transported to Wuhan.

By February 23, in one month, the state had sent more than 330 medical teams and 41600 medical staff to Hubei, built two infectious disease hospitals in Wuhan, completed the transformation of more than 40 designated treatment hospitals, and put 13 square hospitals into use, with more than 40000 treatment beds. At the same time, more than 70000 isolation beds had been prepared, basically realizing the need for all confirmed patients and suspected patients Accept.

Finally, with the help of all China, new cases in Wuhan began to decline, and the city saw the dawn.

Dr. Tan Desai, director general of who, gave a pertinent comment on Chinas arduous efforts: China has bought time for the whole world, even if it has paid a huge price.

This is a special war epidemic, a fight between all mankind and a brand new virus. To defend Wuhan is to defend China and the world.

If you dont win, youll never win!