Sharp review of Justice: Hubei people who have never returned to Hubei, why should they be isolated?

 Sharp review of Justice: Hubei people who have never returned to Hubei, why should they be isolated?

Taking thunderbolt measures in special period is the need of epidemic prevention and control. People have the obligation to bear the inconvenience, but the legitimacy of extraordinary measures is based on effective prevention and control. If a measure cannot be effective or even harmful to prevention and control, is there any justification for its implementation? The answer, of course, is No. A Hubei person who hasnt been back to Hubei for a long time, without personal danger, isolating him will not produce any positive prevention and control effect.

It is impossible to have any positive measures to prevent and control effects, which wastes the weak prevention and control manpower. Many people are doing no work after running. There are at least two reasons for such a ridiculous event:

First, lazy political thinking. Recently, people from the epidemic area of Hubei Province are the focus of prevention and control. Its no problem to focus on this group of people. We should also. But Hubei people who havent been back to Hubei for a long time are obviously not included. A person hasnt been back to Hubei for a long time. If he and his family dont believe what he said, he can ask the company, the property management department and the neighbors, or even just send a text message to the mobile phone operator to check his whereabouts in the last month. But some people dont want to spend money on this matter, so they simply come to a one size fits all policy, as long as Hubei people are not allowed to go out or pull away the isolation. However, no one missed the net, and there were many wasted killing that could have been avoided.

Second, formalism. There is no effect of prevention and control, but there is statistical significance. In the eyes of some people, how many people in Hubei have been isolated is also a matter of political achievements. As for how much they have played in prevention and control, it is not his concern. Its time for someone else to play this game.

Limit the people who do not need to limit, so that this restriction is lack of legitimacy, causing damage to the rights and interests of relevant personnel. If its light, its not allowed to go out of the house, and its movement is limited; if its heavy, its forced to be isolated and bear the risk of cross infection. This is a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of citizens.

Its the virus that needs to be isolated, not the people of Hubei. The efforts to prevent and control the people of Hubei who dont have the virus have been skewed.

On February 29, Wang Zhonglin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee, required that the municipal political and legal affairs committee should send a supervision group to all prison units in the city to supervise the problems in epidemic prevention and control and promote the implementation of territorial responsibilities.