Wuhan University Students hard core isolation for 38 days did not involve a relative or friend

 Wuhan University Students hard core isolation for 38 days did not involve a relative or friend

Guo Yue, a junior majoring in accounting

Diagnosis of novel coronavirus pneumonia

But in the end, no one was infected

How did he do it

Lets take a look

His experience these days

And isolation measures taken

Wear a mask all the way home

Guo Yues equipment on the way to the airport

On January 22, Guo Yue set out from Wuhan to go home as planned. At that time, he didnt have any obvious symptoms of infection, but cautiously he had enough protection before getting on the plane - wearing three layers of masks and gloves. There is a incubation period after infection. You need to contact many people on the way, protect them well, and treat yourself and others well.

At 5pm that day, Guo Yues plane landed in Tianjin. During the two-hour trip, Guo Yue didnt take off his mask, gloves or talk to anyone. He called in advance to pick up his father at Tianjin airport, asked him to bring alcohol and disinfect his whole body and luggage. At 9:00 p.m., Guo Yue returned home and actively contacted the community to explain his situation. Then he isolated himself in the bedroom. Since I came back from Wuhan, I was afraid of infecting others, so I was ready to isolate myself for 14 days. Guo Yue said.

Keep yourself in the room

Eating and studying in ones own room during isolation

Two days later, Guo Yue received the confirmation from his classmates. He thought that he had a cough on January 17, so he immediately contacted the community and explained the situation. On that day, he went to the hospital for isolation. Although I dont have fever or other symptoms, as a close contact, Im afraid that I will infect others during the incubation period. Guo Yue said.

On January 29, Guo Yue was diagnosed. Fortunately, I have been isolated in my room since I came back, and I have not been in close contact with others. Guo Yue said that none of his parents and younger brother were infected, and no one else was infected by him.

Recalling the hospitals treatment, Guo Yue told reporters, the medical staff are the hardest. They should not only treat us, but also take care of our daily life and clean the ward. If you dont feel well, ring the bell and the paramedics will come. On January 30, Guo Yue was in a low mood. The head nurse of the hospital gave him psychological guidance. She said that my situation was not very serious. Let me not worry. The medical staff will try their best to treat him. Besides, my family, friends and school all helped me a lot.

Isolation in garage for 28 days after discharge

The garage is about 30 square meters. On one side is the living room with a small bed, a table for learning and eating, a small electric heater, and on the other side is the washroom. In the small garage, Guo Yue began his own study, reviewing for postgraduate entrance examination while taking online classes. Recently, I was reviewing English. When I was in hospital, I took my English reference book with me. When I was in good condition, I would study. Now, I have more time to study every day. I hope I can get into the ideal school.

Guo Yue is isolated in the garage

Every day, his parents will take his three meals a day to the garage door. He communicates with his family or the outside world by cell phone. I will video with my grandma every day. The old man is old and worried about me. I will video with her every day to reassure her. Guo Yue said. It turns out that Guo Yue is worried about affecting everyones life. He insists on opening only one small gap every day, so he seldom sees the sun in a day. Its a little better in the daytime, and its a little cold in the garage at night, so he relies on the electric heater for heating.

Today, when the reporter interviewed Guo Yue, he still lived alone in the garage of his home. Guo Yue said he plans to stay in the garage for another 14 days, so there are two 14 days in total. Its safer, and it doesnt cause unnecessary troubles to the family and the people around. Because of Guo Yues textbook style of self isolation, it has not caused one person to be infected by him, which is something he has been particularly pleased with.

Blood donation after discharge

In February 22nd, novel coronavirus pneumonia was called by Guo Yue, who was informed by the Cangzhou Peoples Hospital that he needed a new plasma for the new pneumonia. He matched the blood type and asked him if he could go to the hospital to donate. Life is the first thing. If you have the ability, you have to help others. I immediately agreed to them, and made a query on the relevant information. Then the hospital took me to the hospital to donate. Guo Yue said. On the same day, he donated 200 ml of plasma.

On the morning of the 24th, Guo Yue received a message from Cangzhou central blood station: Hello, Guo Yue, you donated blood once on February 22nd, 2020, passing the test. Thank you for your selfless dedication! He told reporters that in fact, he was afraid to see plasma donation at the beginning, and his chest was still a little stuffy at that time. But when he received a phone call to know that there was an urgent need for plasma, he agreed without hesitation, after all, its important to save people..

Another group of students apartments in Huda were expropriated and a centralized isolation point was built after leaving the hospital