Zeng Ming, director of GQ, editor in chief connotation before leaving: stupid and evil!

 Zeng Ming, director of GQ, editor in chief connotation before leaving: stupid and evil!

Netease Entertainment Daily reported on February 29 that according to the fashion business express, the magazine GQ, a subsidiary of Kangtai Nashi group, announced yesterday that the editorial director Zeng Ming had resigned, which took effect immediately, and no replacement was announced. Wang Feng, former director of GQ, also wrote that Zeng Ming was evil and stupid and doubted each other.

It is understood that Zeng Ming graduated from the Journalism Department of Xiangtan University, and has successively served as the chief reporter of the new Beijing News, the reporter of the southern weekend and the chief reporter of the Xiaoxiang Morning News. Since joining GQ in 2014, he has successively served as the magazines lead writer, reporting director and Deputy editorial director, and then became the editorial director in May 2018.

GQ is a representative of fashion media innovation and transformation in recent years, and has achieved rapid business growth in the past two years. At a time when brand influence and content commercialization are advancing rapidly, the editorial director Zeng Ming abruptly left his post because of personal choice, which makes the insiders cant help guessing the real reasons behind it.

According to a source, Zeng Ming has rarely appeared in public since he served as editorial director in 2018. In recent years, the business growth of smart GQ almost depends on the content commercialization of new media. However, the main journal of smart GQ, led by Zeng Ming, seems to have failed to grasp the market demand, which is less than the new media business.

It is worth noting that Wang Feng, a fashion group, has become one of the candidates that many insiders speculate. Since he was vice president and chief content officer of fashion group in May 2018, Wang Feng has not seen any big action and eye-catching works in recent two years. Therefore, some insiders speculate that Wang Feng may take this opportunity to return to the post of chief editor of GQ. Of course, we can not exclude the possibility of selecting people from the inside of GQ.

Before that, he Yu, the editorial deputy director of GQ, resigned because of the PDF incident. He then made a formal response on social media, claiming that the leaked content was false accusation, and said that the reason for resignation was to protect the company from joint and several injuries, and then sent a formal lawyers letter to six whistleblowers in his own name. At the same time, the Chinese government issued a statement saying it would adopt a zero tolerance policy for any employees misconduct.

At this time, the continuous personnel changes of GQ are inevitably conjectured. And where will this personnel change lead the fate of GQ? This deserves the industrys continued attention.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027