Easy moment voice version: its said that Japanese students are suffering from school suspension

 Easy moment voice version: its said that Japanese students are suffering from school suspension

Whats the most embarrassing thing youve ever had? Share it and make everyone happy!

Wechat user coli:

When I see the questions I ask every day, I think of one thing:

I felt that the bullet curtain in my head flew over who am I? Where am I? There seems to be someone OMG in the leadership office next to my left... (* / Omega *)

Wechat netizen everything will be better:

The most embarrassing thing is that I went to have my hair cut today, and I was finally free. As soon as I got to the barber shop, I ran to the barber shop, but I didnt see that there was a staircase in front of me, so I fell down directly. There was a woman in front, and I fell down directly with her.

Wechat user jiajiajiaqi sauce wants to order a song

Dear host

Hello, Xiaobian. I want to order a song for my ex boyfriend. Two years ago, I also ordered a song for my boyfriend. Now we broke up. There is no regret. Maybe its really inappropriate. Today, I went to the hospital for an operation. I dont know what will happen in the future. I hope my ex boyfriend will meet her who is better than me. I want to order Chen Xuedongs goodbye, Finally, I hope Xiaobian and the host will be happy forever.

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Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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