For 20 years, sisters have shared secrets with each other. Cai Shaofen said that he tried to cry and scold Chen Farong

 For 20 years, sisters have shared secrets with each other. Cai Shaofen said that he tried to cry and scold Chen Farong

Netease Entertainment reported on February 29, Beijing time. According to Hong Kong media, Tsai Shaofen and Chen Farong shot a short film the great test of girlfriends for the brokerage company after the kitchen of girlfriends to test their tacit understanding and cooperation. In the meantime, they exploded their little-known secrets and challenged their sisterhood for more than 20 years. Chen Farongs great love once worried Cai Shaofen, even more afraid of Chen Farongs misgiving, so she cried and tried to scold and wake up each other.

The first warm-up topic asked them to draw their own superheroes. Chen Farong drew the Q version of the wonder woman, while Cai Shaofen drew the superman. Chen Farong saw this and said, why dont your Superman wear underwear outside? Cai Shaofen, who has always been a love maniac, said with a smile that he deliberately did not draw that important part, because other people were afraid to look in their underwear, only to see her husband, Zhang Jin, wearing underwear, laughing the whole scene!

After that, they would like to say that they are most satisfied with themselves and each others body parts. Cai Shaofen proudly said that he has a pair of perfect long legs: my legs are very thin, beautiful and long, which is the golden ratio! Who knows to be mocked by Chen Farong: your leg is so thick! However, Cai Shaofen confessed that he appreciated each others figure. The whole body proportion was just good, and the skin was white. However, Chen Farongs superior circumference was the most appreciated.

Of course, this pair of girlfriends can not do without the in-depth topic of conversation, talking about how to treat the low tide of lovelorn, they really have soul. Chen Farong burst into tears every time Cai Shaofen fell in love: I remember one time when Cai Shaofen cried to death, she woke up drunk and stood at the window and shouted, the whole street is a man, how about lovelorn, what are you afraid of! But it was early morning, and there was not a man in the street at all

Cai Shaofen revealed that wine is her drunken good recipe for lovelorn: as soon as I feel lovelorn, I will drink myself drunk, and then vomit, I think that feeling is really over, I will not let him hurt my heart again, and Chen Farong will only cry every time I feel lovelorn.

When asked about the reason for the first quarrel, they all remembered that Chen Farong had made a boyfriend, but the sisters didnt like it. Cai Shaofen ordered her husband to drive downstairs to Chen Farongs house and try to wake up her good friend who had been knocked out by love. She always said, when it comes to my crying, I cant help saying, you dont care about me, I just want to take a picture. Cai Shaofen said that because of the deep responsibility of love, she couldnt bear to see her friend sad and sad: at that time, we cried together, because she is my good friend, I must make it clear that this feeling will make her very sad. I want to use my true feelings to pull her back, who knows that my feelings are not worth money, she still wants to plunge in At the end of the clip, Chen Farong cant help but exclaim, you dont like all my boyfriends. Cai Shaofen joked: think about her boyfriend!

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027