Ministry of Education: online teaching cannot be one size fits all without control

 Ministry of Education: online teaching cannot be one size fits all without control

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control and education reform and development

Notice of work

Jiao Dang [2020] No.16

1u3001 Unremitting efforts to pay close attention to the prevention and control of epidemic situation

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the CPC Central Committee attached great importance to it. General Secretary Xi Jinping personally directed and deployed himself to strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of epidemic prevention and control. The party organizations at all levels of the education system and the majority of Party members and cadres have been charging ahead, fighting tenaciously, making sincere contributions and taking no pains, which embodies the spirit of being brave to take responsibility. At present, the epidemic situation is still severe and complex, and prevention and control is in the most arduous critical stage. According to the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the opening time of primary, middle and primary schools, kindergartens and other schools across the country will continue to be postponed in principle. Education departments and schools at all levels must be highly vigilant against thoughts of paralysis, war weariness, fluke mentality and relaxed mentality, resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee on epidemic prevention and control, implement the general requirements of firm confidence, working together in the same boat, scientific prevention and control, and precise implementation of policies, do well in the prevention and control of school epidemic in accordance with the laws and regulations under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, and strictly implement various tools Specific measures should be taken to achieve the goal of county, school, people and events. The whole process tracking should be strengthened to solve the possible risks in epidemic prevention and control in time. We should firmly implement the principle of strictly prevent proliferation and outbreak, ensure one partys clean land and life safety, and win the fight against epidemic prevention and control in the education system.

We should take multiple measures at the same time, care about the front-line medical personnel and epidemic prevention and control personnel of the education system, implement the protection materials, living materials guarantee and protection measures, and increase the strength of psychological assistance. We will do everything possible to solve the problems of the shortage of school prevention and control materials and health personnel, limited isolation conditions, and inadequate response capacity. We will support relevant universities to speed up research and development in science and technology, integrate multi-disciplinary forces to carry out research and development, and increase research and development efforts in testing, drugs and vaccines. We will strengthen publicity, guidance and humanistic care. Education departments and schools at all levels in Hubei Province and Wuhan city should strengthen position awareness, fighting spirit and state of charge, take the most strict measures to meet the requirements of land management, and make due contributions to the resolute fight of Hubei and Wuhan. The education departments and schools at all levels in Beijing should fully understand the importance of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control in the education system of the capital, and make every effort to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

2u3001 Further improve online education and teaching

It is a test of the ability of education system to deal with major public health emergencies, and it is of great significance to promote education and teaching reform by means of information technology. At the same time, we should not only make clear what to teach and how to teach, but also explore the organic combination of classroom teaching and online education. Not only can we do one size fits all and require all teachers to make live classes, all students to punch in every day, but also we need to promote the sharing of online teaching resources and the innovation of education and teaching methods. We should strengthen the examination and control of online education teaching content, reasonably guide expectations, and respect the choice of local, school and parents.

All localities and primary and secondary schools should attach great importance to and do a good job in the work of non-stop teaching and non-stop learning. No suspension is a kind of learning in a broad sense. Online teaching is only one of the ways, which can not completely replace the classroom teaching after the beginning of school. It is necessary to strengthen the guidance of students study at home, arrange the work and rest time reasonably, and the teaching content and time should be appropriate. We should constantly summarize and improve, standardize online teaching organizational behavior, and prevent increasing the burden of teachers and students. We need to further improve the construction of online learning platform in primary and secondary schools, constantly enrich learning resources, and prevent copying normal classroom teaching methods, hours and arrangements. We should improve the audit mechanism of online teaching resources in primary and secondary schools, strictly audit online learning resources, and ensure the quality of resources. We should strengthen the guarantee of conditions, make emergency plans, and ensure smooth and safe operation. It can make full use of the free learning resources provided by the national primary and secondary school network cloud platform (YKT. Eduyun. CN) and the air classroom of channel 4 of China education television to serve the students home-based learning and guarantee the learning needs of students in rural and remote areas. We should pay attention to the ideological guidance with patriotism education as the main content, integrate the knowledge of epidemic prevention, the education of advanced deeds of war epidemic, life education, public safety education, mental health education, etc. into online learning, and enhance the students Ideological and emotional love for the party, patriotism and socialism. We should care about the physical and mental health of students, guide them to strengthen physical exercise, and do a good job in myopia prevention and control.

According to the actual situation of the University and the characteristics of different majors, grades and course types, colleges and universities should formulate an online teaching plan of one school with one policy and one school with multiple policies, evaluate the effect carefully according to the implementation, make dynamic adjustment in time, and realize the effective connection between Online teaching in special period and post school teaching. Strengthen the training of online teaching technology and methods for teachers, encourage teachers to make full use of the high-quality curriculum resources of the online teaching curriculum resource platform of the Ministry of education, carry out the reform of teaching content and innovation of teaching mode and method, and include online teaching, online discussion, tutoring and answering, job evaluation into the workload and performance management. Promote students to gradually adapt to and master online learning mode, and enhance the ability of independent learning, exchange and interaction, absorption and construction of knowledge. Each course platform shall improve online teaching guarantee measures, strengthen online course review and operation management, and ensure network security and operation stability.

3u3001 Carefully plan the opening work of primary and secondary schools

According to the situation of epidemic prevention and control, we plan to open primary and secondary schools. Schools will not open until the epidemic situation is basically controlled. Schools will not open until the basic prevention and control conditions are met. Teachers, students and public health security on campus will not be guaranteed.

First, strengthen territorial responsibility. Local education departments shall strictly implement the deployment of local Party committees and governments, improve the differentiated prevention and control strategies and implement the strategies accurately according to the list of low, medium and high-risk counties (cities, districts and flags) in the administrative regions dynamically adjusted by the provincial Party committees and governments. Set up a special class to clarify the division of labor, implement responsibilities and strengthen inspection. Before the formal opening of the school, it is necessary to ensure that each school strictly grasps the personnel layout information, provides sufficient materials, implements the prevention and control and emergency isolation measures, and ensures the stability and order. During this period, off campus training institutions shall not carry out offline training activities without the approval of provincial education departments.

The second is the wrong time and wrong peak. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the risk level of regional epidemic, traffic conditions, emergency preparedness, school population density, characteristics of school age stage, etc., and make a good plan for the wrong area, wrong level and wrong time school opening of primary and secondary schools (including kindergartens and secondary vocational schools). When making a specific back to school plan, you can arrange senior three and junior three graduates to return to school first. In principle, the provincial level synchronization is implemented in senior three and the same city level synchronization is implemented in junior three. All localities should do a good job in guiding students in senior three and junior three to study at home. Where the opening time has been determined, it is necessary to ensure that all the conditions required for the opening of the school are met, and all the prevention and control measures are implemented to ensure that there is no risk.

Third, do a good job in teaching. After the start of school, we should accurately analyze the learning situation, master the home-based learning situation of students, diagnose and evaluate the learning quality, and formulate targeted teaching plans. We will increase our efforts to help students with learning difficulties, ensure that each student has a good command of what they have learned, and then conduct new course teaching. For those who do not take part in online courses in the lower grades of primary schools, they should start teaching from the beginning. For students who cant return to school on time, especially those who cant determine the return time in key areas of epidemic prevention and control, individualized teaching guidance shall be implemented. We will strengthen learning guidance, care and care for the children of the front-line workers and the left behind children in rural areas.

4u3001 Do a solid job in preparing for the opening of University

In principle, before the epidemic situation is effectively controlled, college students will not return to school or start school.

First, adhere to the principle of territoriality. The opening time of local colleges and universities in the spring of 2020 shall be determined by the local education department according to the unified deployment of the local Party committee and the government. In accordance with the principle of territorial management, the specific opening time of subordinate colleges and universities shall be consistent with that of local colleges and universities, and shall be reported to the Ministry of education for the record.

Second, establish tracking account. All colleges and universities should strengthen the organization and leadership, establish the tracking account of teachers and students, clarify the prevention and control requirements, and do a good job in the back to school program and related preparations. In order to guide college students in Hubei Province to volunteer for local epidemic prevention and control work.

Third, refine the school preparation. All colleges and universities should prepare materials for epidemic prevention and control, carry out prevention and control knowledge training, campus safety inspection, emergency response simulation exercise, etc. Confirm the hospital with the local health department in advance. Colleges and universities should set up independent isolation areas, and those without conditions should contact the local Party committee and the government for coordination.

The fourth is to carry out peak shifting back to school. All localities should arrange the opening time of colleges and universities at different times, and reasonably arrange the time period for students to return to school. Students of medical major and medical college and graduates can return to school first. The plan for students returning to school shall be submitted to the local provincial education department for approval. Under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, the provincial education departments should strengthen the overall planning of students returning to school, study and formulate the overall plan of all students returning to school, and report it to the Ministry of education for filing 10 days before the implementation of the plan. The Ministry of education, together with transportation and other relevant departments, assists students to return to school in an orderly manner.

5u3001 Strengthen the guidance of campus epidemic prevention and control

Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control system is to be issued and issued by the Ministry of education in primary school, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. Do.

Under the leadership of the local Party committee and government, under the guidance of the health department, and in accordance with the requirements of the guidelines and operating procedures, all schools should strengthen the work of health monitoring, information sorting, campus safety, environmental remediation, material storage, etc., implement the responsibilities of departments, schools, parents and students in the prevention and control of epidemic, guide and master relevant knowledge and epidemic prevention skills, and scientifically standardize the campus epidemic Situation prevention and control work.

6u3001 Focus on the key work of annual education

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and the epidemic situation should be determined by the educational departments at all levels and schools at all levels. Guided by Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinas characteristics in the new era, we should deepen structural reforms in the supply side of education, and cooperate with the three major tackles and do well the work of six stability. In accordance with the plan of the national education work conference in 2020, we should adhere to and improve the system of the partys overall leadership over education, enhance the targeted effectiveness of the implementation of the basic task of cultivating talents through morality, promote the smooth graduation and early employment of college graduates through multiple measures, resolutely win the battle of poverty alleviation through education, build an education system serving the whole peoples lifelong learning, and promote the implementation of education reform and opening up We will make new breakthroughs, comprehensively strengthen the construction of the teaching staff, unswervingly implement the strategic position of priority development of education, strive to achieve the goal and task of education reform and development in 2020, and ensure the successful completion of the year of closing.

7u3001 Strengthen the leadership of the party

We should earnestly strengthen the partys leadership in the overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and education reform and development in the education system. Party organizations at all levels of the education system should conscientiously fulfill their leadership responsibilities, especially the responsibilities of implementation, and pay close attention to the implementation of the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee. In the education system, the majority of Party members and cadres, especially the leading cadres, should strengthen their sense of victory, responsibility, benevolence and prudence. They should be brave as pioneers, dare to lead the way, play a leading role as models, take the initiative and fulfill their responsibilities, practically maintain the order and safety of the campus, and ensure the health of teachers and students. We should investigate and identify cadres at the front line of the struggle, praise and boldly use outstanding cadres, take serious responsibility for those who do not take on the responsibilities of omission and dereliction of duty, and commend and reward advanced collectives and individuals who have outstanding performance at the front line of the struggle according to different levels. We should care for cadres and teachers at the grass-roots level and schools, help them solve practical difficulties and problems in a timely manner, and resolutely prevent and correct formalism and bureaucratic practices. We should fully mobilize social forces to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the education system. We need to sum up experience, make up for shortcomings, improve our ability and level to respond to major public health emergencies, and modernize the governance system and capacity of the education system.

The implementation of this Circular shall be reported to the Ministry of education.

February 28, 2020

Ministry of Education: postpone this years postgraduate entrance examination for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Recently, the relevant departments of the Ministry of Education issued a notice that in order to implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and ensure the life safety and physical health of teachers and students, the 2020 postgraduate entrance examination for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which was originally scheduled to be held from April 18 to 19, will be postponed. The specific work arrangement and other matters will be notified according to the progress of epidemic prevention and control.

Ministry of Education: this years graduation defense may be extended appropriately

Weng Tiehui, Vice Minister of education, said that this years graduation defense and degree examination could be extended appropriately. For Hubei nationality, especially Wuhan nationality and university graduates in Hubei area, we should strengthen policy preference in employment and graduation.