Man has no money to save the serious pregnant wife give up treatment the second day the state gives up the free policy

 Man has no money to save the serious pregnant wife give up treatment the second day the state gives up the free policy

As of 24:00 on February 28, 28895 discharged cases, 2727 dead cases and 66337 confirmed cases had been cured in Hubei Province.

And they are not just a number in this epidemic. They are father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, relatives and friends. There are some people who cant be counted before they leave the world, and there are many more who are waiting for spring after this winter.

One real person, one ordinary family, after the wheel ran over, the dead cant be recovered, but the people who stay will continue to live.


Ms. Weng, 32, has been dead for more than 30 days. Mr. Chen understood that it was the new coronavirus that took his wife and her baby from her stomach, but there was no proof. He could only see the diagnosis of severe pneumonia and a shroud bag.

There are three members of Wengs family.

This is a family of three who do door and window business in Huanggang. January 9 is a day when their fate turns sharply. At noon, his wife said that he had a cold and was not comfortable. By the way, he asked Mr. Chen to buy back the pregnancy test stick and found that his wife was pregnant. Mr. Chen thought this was the best news in 2020. In the evening, he made a meal, the family finished dinner, his daughter watched TV, his wife went to have a rest early, and the life was plain and happy.

On that day, Mr. Chen took his wife and daughter to many hospitals. His wifes physical strength gradually became weak and her condition began to worsen. I cant speak. I can only communicate by nodding or shaking my head.

At 11 p.m. on January 10, Ms. Weng was transferred to Central South Hospital of Wuhan University. After a days running, Mr. Chens heart finally let go. Mr. Chen only remembered that it rained all day. His 5-year-old daughter was not satisfied with running and tired and cried all the time on him. Mr. Chen did not know that the first day his wife appeared untimely, and the first death occurred in Wuhan an hour away.

Ms. Wengs certificate of diagnosis.

Ms. Wengs CT diagnosis report.

Mr. He, a native of Wuhan, didnt know that when Mr. Chen used batteries to drive his wife around Huanggang hospitals to get a bed, he himself had been infected.

Mr. He, 62, a doctor, was reemployed to the radiology department of a private hospital to take CT photos after retirement. At the beginning of January, there were more patients coming to the clinic for photos than usual. Patients who did not wear masks coughed in the hallway, and these patients had white lungs on CT. Mr. He did not know that this was the new coronavirus pneumonia that later took his life.

As a native of Wuhan, Mr. He went home for the new year ahead of time. He still insisted on staying at his post. Recently, the number of people with pneumonia has increased. The flu season is coming. Maybe pneumonia is caused by flu. Let me stay.

On January 17, Mr. He also had fever and cough, but he didnt ask for leave. Instead, he had a needle while working, so he stuck to his post for another three days.

My sister scolded him and accompanied him to work in the hospital. She sat beside him to drink water and remind the nurse to change the medicine. Ms. Zhong said that after her brother-in-laws infection, she had blood tests and double lung CT in Wuhan Central Hospital, and the answer was 50% possibility.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was appointed to the National Expert Committee of Health Protection Committee in January 20th, and participated in the new crown pneumonia prevention and control work in Zhong Nanshan. That night, he revealed in an interview with CCTV that he found 14 medical staff infected and said frankly that there is a clear phenomenon of human to human transmission.

If novel coronavirus pneumonia is known earlier, will Mr. brother-in-law be unable to work in sick? If he had earlier treated, is it possible to survive? Ms. Chung always could not help thinking so.


Mr. He and his wife have a good income, but the 33 year old daughter suffers from heart valve defect, mental retardation and lack of self-care ability. In Ms. Zhongs memory, her sister and brother-in-law worked for her daughter all their lives. At that time, my sister could have a second child. She said that she was afraid that there would be a new child in the future. They would be emotionally partial to this child, so they didnt want to.

Ms. Zhong said that in order to find a better welfare home for her daughter, her sister and brother-in-law have been very frugal all their lives. They have not even paid for it in Hubei Province. All the money has been spent on her daughters hospitalization and saving. During the period of brother-in-laws treatment, sister had to worry about her husbands illness and take care of her daughters life, like a candle burning at both ends.

Mr. Chen cant recall when and where his wife, Ms. Weng, became infected with the virus. The only thing he can think of is that on January 7, his wife went to the city center to buy vegetables. At that time, he saw a virus on the Internet in Wuhan, but we didnt know that Huanggang had it, and didnt pay special attention at that time. We didnt know that his wife would be infected with the virus.

After his wife was admitted to the hospital, Mr. Chen could only find out her condition by telephone. He would not have thought that by the time he saw her again, his wife had become a urn of ashes.

After she was admitted to the hospital, Ms. Weng spent tens of thousands of yuan a day on treatment. From January 13, Mr. Chens wechat friend circle began to frantically forward the Internet help link. He had to forward the same content almost 10 times a day, each time with the words save my good wife, my childs mother. During that time, in order to take care of his wife conveniently, Mr. Chen and his mother lived in a hotel near the hospital for tens of yuan a day. How to raise money is what they think every day.

The most regrettable thing for me is that a pregnant woman from Huanggang has a very serious illness. She spent more than one week in ICU and nearly 200000 yuan in treatment. Her family is from the countryside, and the money for treatment is borrowed from relatives and friends. On February 5, Peng Zhiyong, director of the Department of critical medicine of Central South Hospital of Wuhan University, told reporters that the 16 beds prepared by the ICU of the hospital were all occupied that day.

The pregnant womans husband finally decided to give up treatment. Her husband cried, and I cried, because I think there is still hope to cure. Give up and the pregnant woman will die. And on the day after giving up, the policy changed, offering free treatment to countries with new crowns. Im sorry for that pregnant woman.

This pregnant woman is Miss Weng.

The funeral certificate of Ms. Weng.

On January 21, Mr. Chen could not borrow any money. After discussing with his father-in-law, Mr. Chen had to sign the consent to give up treatment. By the time his wife was cremated, he had spent 300000 yuan.

On the day of Ms. Wengs death, Mr. He, who had been sticking to his post with illness, couldnt bear it. He went to the hospital for examination and was treated in the observation room of Wuhan Central Hospital. The next day, Hubei Province launched a secondary emergency response to public health emergencies.

Seek help

Pregnant women, the elderly and medical care seem to be the first targets of virus invasion.

Also on January 21, after six days in hospital, Gan Zhangxun, a 73 year old retired doctor in Wuhan, died in the hospital. Before his death, he helped see a doctor in a community clinic in Hongshan District, Wuhan, and fell into his post.

On January 15, Gan Zhangxun, who was treating the patient, felt unwell, went to the hospital for examination, was diagnosed with pneumonia, and was admitted to the hospital. The night before he died, his 19-year-old grandson called his grandfather, who said he would leave hospital soon and spend the new year with his grandson. Grandson said Grandpa was in good spirits when he called.

Gan Hanjiang, the eldest son who stayed up all night, went to the ward to take care of his father instead of his younger brother Gan Hanquan.

On the night of his fathers death, Gan Hanjiang and Gan Hanquans brothers had symptoms of discomfort. Ganhanjiang fever, cough, lung infection, ganhanquan cough, limb weakness, loss of appetite.

Accompanied by his wife, Gan Hanjiang went to the hospital for lung CT. The film shows that the lung has been ground glass, breathing is more and more difficult, walking is not stable.

Novel coronavirus was infected by one family in the Han River according to the information reported at that time. However, as the number of suspected patients began to increase, the unconfirmed Gan Hanjiang River could not be admitted to the hospital, so it could only be treated in isolation at home and walk 30 minutes a day to the hospital for injection.

There are grid members in the community who are responsible for contacting Gan Hanjiang and his wife, but there are only 20 kits a day. There is a long line in front of them and they can only wait. The wife, Ms. Huang, watched her husband become more and more serious day by day, but there was no way.

What worried the family most was that the 19-year-old son also had fever symptoms, and after two or three days, he took medicine to get better. But because the novel coronavirus pneumonia has a longer incubation period, whether it is well or lurking down, who is not sure.

On January 31, Gan Hanjiang realized that his situation was becoming more and more serious. He had no choice but to write a long letter for help and send it to his cousin Gan Weidong, a lawyer. After Gan Weidong posted the help information of Gan Hanjiang in his circle of friends, he attracted a large number of lawyers to forward it. Finally, he got help and went to the hospital for nucleic acid test.

On February 4, Gan Hanjiang, who had not got the result, made a second nucleic acid test. In the afternoon, he was taken by the community to a centralized isolation point, separated from his wife and children, so as to avoid infection to his wife and son.


Ms. Zhong is also on the way to help.

On February 4, Ms. Zhongs sister was infected. On February 5, his brother-in-law, Mr. He, died.

My brother-in-law has passed away. I cant lose my sister any more. Ms. Zhong asked her daughter to send out a call for help in the pneumonia patient help microblog. Fortunately, her sister was finally admitted to Wuhan Red Cross Hospital on February 11, and transferred to Jinyintan hospital on February 12 for treatment. At present, as a subject, she is trying out the new drug readcivir.

Gan Hanjiang had a CT scan this evening (February 17), and he felt his lung infection had improved significantly. Her wife, Ms. Huang, said happily that she believed ganhanjiang would soon be released from isolation after DNA testing and expert confirmation.

Unlike ganhanjiang, ganhanquan, 47, didnt go to the hospital. The reason why he didnt go to the hospital was: if he was sick, he worried about infecting others; if not, he worried about being infected by the virus carriers.

When taking care of his father in the hospital, Gan Hanquan bought Lianhua Qingwen capsule, amoxicillin and other drugs in the drugstore for prevention. After his father died, Gan Hanquan began to take more cold medicine. When you cant eat, ganhan has the right to prepare a nutritious meal: first, force yourself to eat some small tomatoes, slowly eat some oranges, and then drink some yogurt in 10 days

Gan Hanquan thinks that he understands the experts words: there is no specific medicine for treatment, and he has to rely on his own immunity!

After a week or so of the most difficult days, Gan Hanquan began to feel better: eating better every day, from tea and rice to eating fruit, to yogurt and soup. About 20 days, start eating rice, vegetables and meat. In a weeks time, youll be all right, all right. Ganhanquan expressed his confidence.

This is something that no one wants to happen. Ms. Zhong told the Red Star News reporter that everyone was unprepared for such a big epidemic, and she didnt blame anyone. Some people have gone, and the living have to live. Ms. Zhong received her sisters and brother-in-laws daughter. The child has passed the isolation period, and now the test is negative.

Why continue to build shelter hospital in Wuhan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been used in some districts of Wuhan, and has played an important role in treating new crown pneumonia patients. It is reported that Wuhan will continue to build a shelter hospital to ensure beds and others.