Li Tie encourages Wu Lei to keep in good shape and try to get goals from the top 40 of the national football team

 Li Tie encourages Wu Lei to keep in good shape and try to get goals from the top 40 of the national football team

Li Tie, the head coach of the national football team, has been questioned recently because of the recent list of 26 national football players preparing for the top 40 games, including 4 from Wuhan Zhuoer, and many of the former national football veterans lost the election. It is believed that Li Tie employs only his relatives. Li Tie later clarified on his personal social media that he has nothing to do with Wuhan Zhuoer club, and he will fully lead the national football team to prepare for the top 40 games.

Later, Li Tie went to Spain for an investigation. First, he watched the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City in the Champions League at Bernabeu, and visited Real Madrid club after the match. After that, Li Tie went to Barcelona to watch the 1 / 16 final of the UEFA Cup between the Spaniard and wolves.

After the Spaniard vs wolves game, Li tieencouraged Wu Lei, hoping that he could play well in the next few league matches of the Spaniard, keep in good condition, and strive to return to the top 40 of the national football team to score goals. After visiting Wu Lei, Li Tie will go to Dubai on March 2 to prepare for a new training session at the national football stadium.

At the same time, the national football team has completed the assembly in Beijing. Because most of the international players are training overseas, only five international players, Liu Binbin, Jin Jingdao, Wu Xi, Li Ang and Jiang Zhipeng, will gather together. They will go to Xianghe base for a short training with the national football team and staff today, and fly to Dubai late on March 3.

AFC will hold an emergency meeting next Monday to discuss whether to postpone the top 40 games as a whole. The Thai Football Association also issued a message that although the Chinese Football Association and the Asian Football Association have determined to put the two top 40 matches in which the Chinese team participated on March 26 and March 31 on the empty field in wulinan, they will cancel the original agreement according to the latest decision of the Asian Football Association.

At present, Li Tie and the national football team are on schedule. The plans for training in Dubai and preparing for the war in Thailand will not change at present. According to the plan, the national football teams training in Dubai lasts for 10 days, and the team is likely to warm up with Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai Shanggang and other Chinese Super teams who are also training in Dubai.