Arsenals first loss in 17 years: missing the professor

 Arsenals first loss in 17 years: missing the professor

Last year, Arsenal reported a profit of 56.5 million pounds. This year, instead of making a profit, they lost 27.1 million pounds. After Arsene Wenger left, there was no improvement in Arsenals performance, but the economic situation has become very bad. Arsenal were knocked out of the Europa League by Olympiacos yesterday and their earnings will be further affected.

Arsenal also posted the teams detailed income and expenditure on the official website. The total operating profit decreased from u00a3 75.4 million the previous year to u00a3 73 million, mainly due to the increase of players wages. In addition, the transfer income of the club has been reduced from 120 million pounds to 12.2 million pounds. Arsenal officials say the loss in the transfer market has had a huge negative impact on the team. In terms of cash reserves, Arsenal currently have 167 million pounds, down from 231.3 million pounds in the previous year.

For the first time since 2002, the team has suffered a loss in a single fiscal year, which is related to the loss on transfer and the two consecutive years of participation in the Europa League. This season, we have cooperated with Adidas and renewed our contract with Emirates, but the team is still unable to participate in the Champions League, so the financial situation of the club may still be affected. Arsenal president Glenn Kroenke said.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473