Hangzhou: enterprises engaged in tourism, leisure and service business can return to work if they promise in advance

 Hangzhou: enterprises engaged in tourism, leisure and service business can return to work if they promise in advance

1u3001 Continue to implement the management of negative list for personnel gathering places such as movie theater, chess and card room, entertainment hall, Internet bar, dance hall, bar, KTV, offline training institutions (academic and non academic training).

2u3001 Tourism and leisure enterprises such as scenic spots and agritainment, professional markets, catering enterprises, bookstores, beauty salons, public bathrooms (only shower service is provided when returning to work in advance), foot bath shops and other service management enterprises can return to work after commitment in advance in accordance with the requirements of the circular on accelerating the resumption of work and production of enterprises and construction projects (hang Fang Zhi [2020] No. 6). Each district, county (city) shall formulate specific rules in accordance with the requirements of zoning, grading and precise control.

3u3001 Enterprises must strictly implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and implement various protective measures.

1. All personnel shall enter scan code + temperature measurement according to the management method of Hangzhou health code.

2. Do a good job in daily disinfection and sterilization. The public service articles that directly contact with the guests should be disinfected one for one and the public articles should be disinfected at any time when they are contaminated.

3. Strengthen the ventilation of the business site, and try to choose natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia joint prevention and control mechanism comprehensive group guidelines for the operation and management of ventilation and ventilation systems in offices and public places during the epidemic period of new crown pneumonia is applied.

4. Guests with fever, dry cough and other symptoms should be dissuaded in time, not accepted, and reported to the local government as soon as possible.

4u3001 The territorial Government and competent departments at all levels shall earnestly perform the responsibilities of territorial management and industry supervision, and strengthen the guidance in advance and supervision in the process and afterwards.

Information / Hangzhou novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control Headquarters