WTA stars praise Sharapova: honored to be with her in an era

 WTA stars praise Sharapova: honored to be with her in an era

Sharapovas compatriot Kuznetsova said that Sharapova was a great champion and left traces in womens tennis in her own unique way. Every player deserves the respect of the whole world when he leaves. I know its not easy to make a decision to retire. Her career is so successful and shes very friendly and warm-hearted.

Czech Star kovitova also said that Sava is the champion both on and off the field. She said: Sharapova has won five grand slams, and her business investment is also very successful, I admire her achievements. I will also miss the competition with her. Every time I fight with her, its exhausting. Im honored to be in the same era with Sharapova.

Zheng Saisai, a Chinese tennis player, recalled: I started to watch her game when I was very young. Most of our generation often watch her games. She never gives up, no matter the score is 1:5 or other points. From the first point to the last point of the game, her tough psychological quality always inspires us, and we should try to keep the same mentality in the game. She let us, especially me, know how to fight in the game.

In 2004, 17-year-old Sharapova won the Wimbledon womens singles title. In 2005, she topped the worlds No. 1 WTA title for the first time. Later, Sharapova won the US Open and Australian Open titles successively, and won the French Open trophy twice in 2012 and 2014. (end)

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Cao Liqiao and ns1806