Husband and wife, brothers together, a traffic policeman and their families are in the front line of epidemic prevention and control

 Husband and wife, brothers together, a traffic policeman and their families are in the front line of epidemic prevention and control

Fight side by side with Tibetan blue

Duan Ping is a civil servant of the traffic police brigade of Luancheng District Public Security Bureau. Her husband Cai Jiwei is a policeman of the police station at the bottom of the building of the Public Security Bureau of Luancheng district. As a double police family, both husband and wife are busy on weekdays, and no one has time to care about their families and children. Before the Spring Festival this year, the couple discussed that they must accompany a pair of children well during the Spring Festival holiday, especially the daughter who will take part in the college entrance examination this year.

Duan Ping and Cai Jiwei

The so-called plan cant keep up with the changes. On January 27, the third day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the husband and the wife received the units cancel all holidays, and all the staff are on duty. Command. Without having time to explain too much to their families, both husband and wife rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Cai Ji is responsible for working at the high-speed checkpoint and mediating and handling all kinds of conflicts and disputes caused by measures such as closing and isolation. Duan Ping is responsible for screening the information of returning vehicles in the epidemic area, and establishing paper files one by one.

My parents broke their promise again this Spring Festival. Not only did they fail to accompany you well, but they also asked you to take care of your brother. You still have to prepare for the college entrance examination. Its really hard! When they heard the mother on the phone, their sensible daughter said that they knew the special nature of their parents work from an early age, and they especially understood, Mom and Dad, you work at ease. At this time, more people need you!

Cai Ji is not only on duty at the checkpoint on weekdays, but also in the area where he works to find and row suspected patients and publicize the knowledge of prevention and control. Almost all of them live in dormitories in recent years. The family affairs can only be handled by his wife Duan Ping after work at night. For this reason, Duan Ping, who has been busy for a day, takes his son to review the online courses after coming home from work, and then tutors his daughters lessons. All day long, Duan Ping can only rest for three or four hours.

We must be conscientious and responsible in our work, and we must work in a spirit of 200% in the extraordinary period. The company of children is also very important, so I cant ignore them. Duan Ping said that its worth it to be tired again. She and her husband must take it seriously, no matter everyone or their family. In front of the epidemic, the police couple always shouldered their mission without flinching. It can be said that they contributed twice as much to the fight against the epidemic.

Hand in hand fighting for love and fearlessness

Guo Xiaowei is an assistant policeman of the traffic police brigade of Luancheng District Public Security Bureau, and his wife Guo HUICAI is a nurse of Luancheng District Peoples hospital. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, two couples quickly returned to their jobs and fought for the first line of epidemic prevention and control.

Police doctor couple Guo Xiaowei and Guo HUICAI

The couple have two lovely daughters. After the outbreak of the prevention and control of the epidemic, the couple sent their two daughters to their grandmas and grandmas home respectively for the sake of their childrens safety and to lighten the burden on the elderly of both sides.

My daughters havent seen each other for a long time. Even our husband and wife cant see each other recently. We can only occasionally contact each other through the Internet. Guo Xiaowei said that he was a little helpless, but said he did not regret it, because he and his wife are sticking to their jobs for the safety of more people, and they must guard their duties.

Its romantic to fight the epidemic with my husband. Im not afraid of him! Guo HUICAI firmly said that because of the common belief, there are many families like their husband and wife who are fighting the epidemic together. As long as there is love in their hearts, they will have no fear.

If there is war, there must be a call, there must be a return

Li Changyu, who was born in 1991, is an auxiliary policeman in the traffic police brigade of Luancheng District Public Security Bureau. His younger brother, Li Changhao, is three years younger than him. At present, he is an auxiliary policeman in the special police brigade of Yuhua public security branch of Shijiazhuang city. Both brothers were not only auxiliary police, but also had served in the army before.

Assistant police brothers Li Changyu and Li Changhao

After demobilizing from the army and returning home successively, the two brothers made great contributions to their new posts. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the post-90s brothers did not hesitate to rush back to their respective units, all of them put into the work of epidemic prevention and control at the first time.

During the Spring Festival, both brothers went to stick to their posts. The young ones were worried about their parents unhappiness. They understood and supported their two sons and their parents very much. Now its time to serve the motherland, its time for the young people to go to the top, and were at home to cheer them on!

With the support of the family, the brothers are working harder. Take off your favorite military uniform and put on your powerful police uniform. What changes is your clothes. What does not change is your responsibility and responsibility. The two brothers, Li Changyu and Li Changhao, will not fade in retirement, bear in mind their mission and remain unchanged at the beginning. They continue to write their loyalty and dedication in the front line of anti-epidemic with their youth and blood.

A man in Xian was sentenced to one years imprisonment for breaking cards and biting police while driving drunk during the epidemic

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control cases were held in Changan District on February 21st morning by the peoples Court of Xian through a forenoon trial. The defendant, Yang Mou, who committed the crime of dangerous driving and obstructing official business, was sentenced to one years imprisonment and a fine of 5000 yuan.