Superstar: Arsenal have to clean nine people. Louis or whatever

 Superstar: Arsenal have to clean nine people. Louis or whatever

In groves view, the players who should be away from Arsenal can make a start. Arteta has to clean the players. In my opinion, there should be 5-6 people to leave, or 9 people to be exact. Of course, its hard to sell all nine at once. David Louis, mustaphafi, papastadopoulos, cevalos, zaca, chambers, ernini, and msitaliang should all leave, and both msitalian and ernini are currently on lease.

Its not about the ability of the players, its not because theyre not good players, there are a lot of reasons. Its not the end of the season, Arteta needs these players, he needs them. In the short term, these players are useful, but in the long run, they have no future Groves said: its very similar to the situation of George Graham when he was in charge of Arsenal in 1986. He had a lot of players at that time. They all had talent, but they didnt have enough desire to win.

Groves stressed: so Graham has to sell these guys and bring in players like Alan Smith, Lee Dixon and Wentworth from the lower leagues. Its not hard to see that groves is very dissatisfied with the morale of some Arsenal players. Arsenal also announced yesterday their last seasons results, losing 27.1 million pounds, the first time in 17 years.

Its depressing to extend reading to Lampard! The demon front has hurt again and warned young people to cherish the opportunity. FIFA officially announced that it would limit the number of players outside the club. Chelsea:??? Real Gunners! London is still the red source of this article: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Li Xiaotian and ns6473