Back and forth for three times, the couple truck driver sent vegetables to support Wuhan free of charge

 Back and forth for three times, the couple truck driver sent vegetables to support Wuhan free of charge

At the time of completing the transportation and looking for the next job, the epidemic is becoming more and more serious. The couple decided to deliver vegetables free of charge to Wuhan.

Husband Li Dongxin: I told her that if we want to go to (Wuhan) for at least (one trip), we will lose more than 50000 yuan, because we have to go home in isolation. We cant go anywhere else after weve finished loading and unloading. We must be isolated, not isolated.

Wife Mu Qiu: he told me that you can take the (fire) car home. Dont go with me. After all, if we both go, if we get sick, our family will be scattered.

Husband Li Dongxin: TV has been reported and news has been reported. Every day I watch mobile phones and know that it is very dangerous, but my heart has always been thinking of Wuhan. This is also a very big city. It consumes a lot every day. It takes two Jin of food for one person every day. Tens of millions (population) of cities are not small. They need transportation capacity very much. I said its very difficult for us to meet this situation. Now we cant use money to measure it. We have to do our best to contribute to our country.

Looking at her husbands firm eyes, Mu Qiu also decided to accompany Li Dongxin to Wuhan.

Wife Mu Qiu: his body cant take it anymore when he drives to eat, so I say I have to go where you go

Free food for three trips to Wuhan

Because of love, Mu Qiu decided to accompany her husband, like every car in more than ten years, all the way. It is also because of love that Li Dongxin and Mu Qiu will make a decision: they will take the risk of infection and deliver free fresh vegetables to Wuhan, which is in the center of the epidemic. In this battle against the new type of coronary pneumonia, love gives people the courage to charge.

On February 3, the first batch of fresh vegetables delivered by Li Dongxin and Mu Qiu arrived in Wuhan. From Yunnan loading to Wuhan unloading, more than 2000 kilometers away, the couple changed shifts to drive, only took more than 2 days.

Wuhan volunteer: Thank you to our friends in the vegetable circle and the big brother of the driver for sending us this dish, which will be distributed to all the key protective hospitals in Wuhan.

Husband Li Dongxin: Volunteers organize (transport) to Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, which mainly supplies the hospital there. We didnt think about anything else, so we wanted to rush this dish to the (Wuhan) man and eat it quickly. Because this kind of lettuce has the function of anti-virus, anyway, my cultural level is low, I feel its very useful, so Ill pull it over quickly.

After unloading the goods, without any pause, the couple turned around and returned to Yunnan. No one knows. They havent eaten for more than ten hours.

In 10 days, Li Dongxin and Mu Qiu traveled day and night, three times to and from Yunnan and Wuhan, covering more than 12000 kilometers.

Husband Li Dongxin: the second time they said they still needed it, would you like to come? I said I would like to go, the third time is also a lack of cars.

Wife Mu Qiu: I said that since I joined, I would not let too many cars go. Because every car has to go home for isolation for 14 days, I said we can come alone.

Zhang Geng, reporter of Wuhan radio and television news integrated channel: Li Dongxin and his wife have run back and forth three times to transport vegetables, which can solve tens of thousands of peoples needs.

I will never regret supporting Wuhan

The mountain road is rugged, and it is in heavy rain and fog. There is no charge for freight, but also a charge for oil. I know that when Li Dongxin and Mu Qiu were at the height of the epidemic, they sent vegetables to and from Wuhan three times. Many people gave them thumbs up. However, some people said that they were stupid and questioned whether they wanted something?

Li Dongxin said that he really wanted to influence children with his own actions.

Li Dongxin and Mu Qiu have two children, the older 20 and the younger 11. On weekdays, the husband and wife are out in sports cars, and the children are always taken care of by the elderly.

Husband Li Dongxin: my heart has always wanted to educate my child. Now this child is not easy to manage. I let him learn to be a moral person. That is to say, you should not only study hard, but also be responsible for the society.

Husband Li Dongxin: Im going to raise money, but its not necessarily stupid. Because I have contributed to the country, I can earn some money whenever I can. I think I have saved a lot of people. When I recall in the future, I have not lived in vain in my whole life.

Wife Mu Qiu: I will never regret supporting Wuhan. Now we have goods to go to Wuhan. We will separate them and use our cars.

Although they went back and forth to Wuhan three times, Li Dongxin and Mu Qiu didnt have time to take a close look at the city where they risked their lives to transport vegetables. However, in this strange but familiar city, they have made a lot of friends.

Husband Li Dongxin: Ive made a lot of friends these times. I asked us to have a drink when the next years flowers are blooming. I said well make an appointment when they are blooming, and well go when they are blooming next spring.

You and I will meet again on the day of victory

Li Dongxin and Mu Qiu set the best example for their children with their own practical actions. They gave up the benefits and risked three times to deliver vegetables to Wuhan, where they gained the respect of the city.

In this outbreak, too many people, like Li Dongxin and Mu Qiu, bravely went retrograde to Wuhan. In a special period, they may not be able to have a good look at the city and have a good chat with the people in the city. It doesnt matter. On the day of victory, when the flowers are blooming, people can take off their masks, hug each other and drink. We believe that day will not be too far away.

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