Let the party flag fly high in the front line of the epidemic prevention and control struggle

 Let the party flag fly high in the front line of the epidemic prevention and control struggle

Medical staff are the mainstay of the front line of anti epidemic. They use white clothes as their battle robes and protect their lives.

Critical patients with respiratory failure may die suddenly at any time. Intubation operation can be said to be competing with death. In the process of intubation, the patient may cause the virus to spray instantaneously due to the stimulation of cough, which is a great risk of infection. Facing this high-risk operation, a 16 member commando team was set up in 20 minutes to take charge of intubation in Wuhan Xiehe West hospital.

In this commando team, the party members took the lead in doing 17 operations at most in one day. No matter how high the risk is, everyone will be glad to see the patient turn around. Recently, the post-90s Wang lihuoxian submitted an application for joining the party.

As of February 26, the state has sent more than 340 medical teams with more than 42000 medical personnel, including respiratory, severe, infectious, hospital infection and other professional medical personnel and hospital management team.

There are 137 members in the anti epidemic medical team of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, 76 of whom are party members. They renovated and took over a critical area of the Wuhan Union tumor center. The team members needed to stay in the critical ward for six or seven hours every day. When I saw the patients oxygen mask, I wanted to take a breath myself, said a team member in the wechat group In the face of high-intensity work, the Communist Party members, the preparatory party members and the activists of joining the party are at the forefront. In the case of novel coronavirus pneumonia, grandma yuan suddenly had acute cerebral infarction after admission, and a game with death was launched in an instant.

After 72 hours of relay treatment, all indicators of the elderly improved significantly. The members have been tested in practice. At present, three members have joined the party on the front line of fighting against the epidemic.

Behind the front-line medical staffs all-out efforts to cure the disease and save the people, there is a team that has built a safe firewall for them. Wu Anhua, the hospital sense expert who is training for Guangxi medical team, has carried out more than 80 trainings like this, and more than 10000 medical staff have been trained by him.

Since January 21, the hospital sense expert, who is nearly 60 years old and has three stents in his heart, has not had a day off. He has spent five days to complete the training of nearly 4000 people in 30 medical teams.