Demi responds to ex girlfriend Sawas retirement: I have only love and respect for her

 Demi responds to ex girlfriend Sawas retirement: I have only love and respect for her

In 2014, Dimi and Sava spent their holidays in Mexico Beach

In the last eight games of ATP Acapulco, Dimitrov swept waringka with two 6-4 victories, ending his five consecutive defeats against the latter, and at the same time, he made his first place in the top four of mens singles this season. In an interview after the game, the reporter naturally mentioned the retirement of Sharapova, while Dimitrov and Sharapova had not been lovers, but did not avoid the topic at all.

Sharapova made the decision to retire after suffering from injuries. Although she left the professional tennis world, Sharapova firmly believed that she could climb another peak and achieve a magnificent turn. Dimitrov, in an interview at Acapulco station, also believed that Sava would keep her momentum as usual and reach the peak in her next chapter.

When looking forward to the future of her ex girlfriend, Dimitrov said: Sava has always been self-sustaining, and I know one thing is certain, that is, no matter what she is going to do in the future, she will try her best to achieve the best and the best. I firmly believe that we will meet in many places in the future.

In 2013, Dimitrov and Sharapovas love affair was exposed, but in 2015, they officially broke up. It is said that Dimitri split up during Wimbledon, which became the fuse of Sharapovas determination to break up. Although its not a romantic relationship, sharva and Dimitrov are not old or dead. During this years kuyang elite competition, sharva and Dimitrov met with each other happily. As time goes by, goodbye is still a friend. Now for Sharapovas retirement, Dimitrov not only believes that his ex girlfriend will have a bright future, but also speaks frankly about the friendship between the two. It has to be mentioned that when Dimitrov speaks, what the fans are most looking forward to is how Xiaowei responds to the retirement of shava.