Warm heart! On the streets of Japan, there is a gratitude from Wuhan

 Warm heart! On the streets of Japan, there is a gratitude from Wuhan

On social media, many netizens were moved by the girls action on the street and took her cute nickname Lu Lu Xia.

Deer man is named Tiantian, a young entrepreneur who founded his own advertising company after finishing college in Japan. Throw in the peach, repay the Li is her original intention to go on the street hair mask.

Tian Tian said that the epidemic data, which is changing every day, is not a cold number for her. Behind these figures may be the people who patiently guide me when I lost my way, the neighbors who sent me furniture when I first came to Japan to study abroad, or the store manager who paid special attention to me when I worked They are like family.

Raising 1000 masks is the most critical and difficult part of the operation. Tiantian said that it took her a long time to collect 500 masks from different channels, and another 500 masks were specially presented by her friends after hearing about her plan.

The passers-bys thanks and refuels let sweet move. When I wear a mask on the street, I dont see it very clearly, but in my limited vision, I see a smiling face.

People wear masks to travel in Tokyo, Japan, on February 25. Photo by Du Xiaoyi, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Tiantian told reporters that there are many elderly people in Japan. Whenever she sees them in the street, she silently prays that the virus will not infect them. In addition, some young people in Japan are not aware of the epidemic. These worries drove her to the streets. I hope that novel coronavirus pneumonia will be a major concern for the new crown pneumonia.

Previously, Tiantian wanted to raise some disinfection materials from Japanese enterprises with working connections, but unexpectedly, these enterprises have donated the materials to China without any publicity. With the support of Chinese tourists and the Chinese market, the company can only make profits in recent years, and we need to repay our kindness, they said

On February 20, overseas Chinese in Japan distributed masks to local people near Nagoya station. Map provided by the organizer

As novel coronavirus pneumonia is becoming more and more serious in Japan, local people begin to attach importance to personal protection, and the protective materials such as respirators are in a state of being out of stock. In China, China novel coronavirus pneumonia is being seen in the streets. Many Chinese overseas Chinese have been taken to the streets to distribute the masks that they have raised to the passers-by, so as to thank all the Japanese people for their selfless help in China when they encounter the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

On February 11, a signboard in front of a shop in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, said that it gave away masks for free and encouraged Wuhan, China. Photo by Du Xiaoyi, reporter of Xinhua News Agency

Do you remember the cheongsam girl who braved the cold wind and bowed to passers-by to raise money for Wuhan, China?

The picture above shows the cheongsam girl in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan, collecting money for Wuhan (Xinhua News Agency); the picture below shows the overseas Chinese in Japan distributing masks to pedestrians near Nagoya station on February 20 (photo provided by the organizer of the event).

For this street action, Tiantian also designed the doll fawn headgear based on the image of Nara fawn. Nara fawn is very cute. Chinese like it and Japanese like it. I want to use it to do something related to China Japan friendship.

I hope you dont pay too much attention to me. Deer man can be me or you. If you are kind, you will have the most handsome armor.