Sushen supports Messi: Barcelonas high-level words hurt people, which hurt me a lot

 Sushen supports Messi: Barcelonas high-level words hurt people, which hurt me a lot

When it comes to the conflicts between Barcelonas players and the senior management, Suarez supports Messi. He thinks Abidals words really hurt people, but at the same time, he also says that Barcelona and Messi are inseparable. As long as the senior management of Barcelona completes the work, Messi will stay in the Nou Camp. At the same time, Suarez was very sad when he received the news of the former coachs dismissal.

About Messis future: Messis words are not difficult to understand, he has said very clearly. With our current squad, we wont get what we want, it depends on how the club interprets that. I know Messi is very happy in Barcelona. This is his home. If the club can do the right thing and build a competitive team, Messi will stay in Barcelona forever. I think the club will understand him. They want to be the best in the world, the best in team history and stay at Barcelona. I also want Messi to stay.

About the relationship between the top and the players: there are times when there are misunderstandings, such as the last few days at Busquets. He said that the lack of manpower is not to blame the senior management, but that he and Bidar are going to suspend the match, I am injured again, Alba has not returned, and denbelle is also seriously injured, which is out of plan. These words are sometimes misunderstood. The relationship between the top management and the players is not bad, but Abidals words really hurt people. He played the ball, he said we didnt train well, he said Baldwin wasnt strict enough, it really hurt us. Abidal has played and he knows how players feel when they are attacked.

About Abidal: if there are people at the club who say our players are killing the manager, well be upset because its not true. We are 100% behind the coach. Everyone has to be responsible for his decision. He should not attack the players.

About Baldwin: Im sad. He has taught me a lot both as a coach and as an ordinary person. When he was fired, I felt terrible.

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