How to carry out industrial poverty alleviation in 2020? Ten measures proposed by the two departments

 How to carry out industrial poverty alleviation in 2020? Ten measures proposed by the two departments

1u3001 We will make every effort to cope with the impact of the epidemic on poverty alleviation in industries. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and related measures should be implemented by implementing the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia. In depth analysis of the impact of the epidemic on the industrial development of poor areas, formulation of emergency sales plans for unsalable agricultural products, use of agricultural products in poor areas as an important source of effective supply of vegetable basket products during the epidemic prevention and control period, promotion of building point-to-point relationship between production areas and sales areas, coordination and optimization of green channel policy for fresh agricultural products transportation, and focus on the causes of the epidemic It is difficult to sell agricultural products in some poor areas. We will do a good job in preparing for cultivation in spring, and strengthen the allocation of agricultural materials and market supply. We will coordinate efforts to solve the employment problems of leading enterprises and farmers cooperatives, support them to return to work as soon as possible, and steadily and orderly promote the return of poor people to work.

2u3001 We will concentrate on conquering the fortress of deep poverty. We will increase the preferential policies for industrial poverty alleviation in areas with deep poverty, such as three regions and three prefectures, focus new projects of industrial poverty alleviation funds on areas with deep poverty, and focus resources on accelerating the development of poverty alleviation industries in areas with deep poverty. The three districts and three prefectures industrial poverty alleviation work promotion meeting was held to study and deploy the three districts and three prefectures industrial poverty alleviation work. We will increase guidance and support to 52 counties and 1113 key poverty-stricken villages, track the implementation of policies and measures, the coverage of poverty alleviation industries, the promotion of new entities, and the construction of service systems, and study and solve problems in industrial development in a timely manner.

4u3001 Strengthen the docking of production and marketing of agricultural products in poor areas. The construction project of cold chain logistics facilities for storage and preservation of agricultural products inclines to the poverty-stricken areas, especially the deep poverty-stricken areas such as three districts and three prefectures, giving priority to the counties without taking off their hats, and the relevant construction projects are included in the poverty alleviation project library. Support the poor areas to carry out the certification and registration of green food, organic agricultural products and geographical indication agricultural products, reduce and remit the relevant costs, and implement the policies of priority acceptance, priority on-site inspection, priority testing, priority audit and priority certification. We will carry out poverty alleviation through consumption, actively carry out production and marketing docking activities for agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas, and encourage the establishment of poverty alleviation zones in various large-scale exhibitions and sales fairs organized at the national and provincial levels to reduce and remit related costs. We will strengthen the monitoring, early warning and release of information on special agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas, and promote e-commerce platforms for poverty alleviation and monopoly. We will strengthen guidance on the construction of public brand, enterprise brand and product brand in poverty-stricken areas, and give priority to supporting their inclusion in the catalogue of agricultural brands.

7u3001 We will effectively guard against the risks of industrial poverty alleviation. All localities should strengthen the risk monitoring of industrial poverty alleviation, set up a catalogue of poverty-stricken main bodies in poverty-stricken counties, take the leading enterprises, farmers cooperatives and other main bodies involved in industrial poverty alleviation as the main objects of risk assessment, and systematically assess the main risks in production and operation, poverty-stricken capacity and other aspects. We will improve the risk early warning mechanism and strengthen risk prevention measures such as decision-making consultation, project management, product sales, technical support and insurance guarantee. We will implement the responsibility for risk prevention, strengthen professional training, and enhance the awareness and capacity of cadres and people in poverty alleviation. At present, we should pay attention to prevent the employment and market circulation risks of enterprises caused by the epidemic situation in spring tea, vegetables and other industries.

8u3001 We will consolidate and improve the results of industrial poverty alleviation. Sort out and evaluate the implementation of industrial Poverty Alleviation Policies and measures, and maintain the stability of industrial assistance policies and measures. Carry out the evaluation of industrial poverty alleviation planning, guide the poor counties to formulate the development plan of advantageous and characteristic industries, and highlight the linkage of industries with poverty and poverty. We will strengthen the scheduling of industrial poverty alleviation, guide poverty-stricken areas to strengthen the basic work of industrial poverty alleviation, and foster leading industries that can continuously bring benefits into play. We will systematically summarize the effectiveness of the propaganda industry in helping the poor, carry out the on-site observation of consolidating the achievements of the industry, select a number of typical industries to help the poor and help the industry, and use the new media such as micro-blog, official account, short video, etc., to tell the story of the industry poverty alleviation.

9u3001 We will increase financial investment in industrial poverty alleviation and financial and insurance support. We will continue to include poverty factors in the weight of fund allocation, and increase the proportion of projects and funds for agricultural production development and high-level farmland construction to poor areas. We will increase special poverty alleviation funds and other agricultural integration funds, East-West cooperation funds and other funds to support industrial poverty alleviation, give priority to ensuring the demand for industrial development funds for the direct benefit of the poor, and determine the key industrial projects and links to be supported by the poor counties according to local conditions. We will encourage more credit support to leading enterprises, farmers cooperatives and leaders of entrepreneurship and prosperity who have achieved outstanding results in poverty alleviation, and give priority to the distribution of credit funds to new business entities in poverty-stricken areas that are greatly affected by the epidemic. We will support the national agricultural support system to effectively reduce the guarantee rates for poverty-stricken areas, especially those in deep poverty-stricken areas such as three regions and three prefectures, and help poor areas develop and expand their agricultural industries. We will promptly extend microcredit to help the poor, and appropriately extend the repayment period for poor households affected by the epidemic. We will speed up the development of special agricultural product insurance, promote the pilot program of premium and subsidy for special agricultural product insurance, expand the coverage of varieties, and increase security.

10u3001 Strengthen the organization and leadership of industrial poverty alleviation. All localities should fully understand the special importance of industrial poverty alleviation in consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation and preventing the return to poverty, put industrial poverty alleviation in the prominent position of poverty alleviation, and practically strengthen the organization and leadership of industrial poverty alleviation. We will improve the coordination mechanism of industrial poverty alleviation, strengthen cooperation among departments, and strengthen the implementation of policies and measures in the year of the end of the official year to ensure effective results. Carry out in-depth inspection of poverty alleviation looking back and rectification of problems found in poverty alleviation effectiveness assessment, establish problem list, task list and responsibility list to ensure the rectification in place. We will strengthen the special treatment of corruption and style issues in the field of industrial poverty alleviation, and improve the long-term mechanism for style building.