Lawyer Sun Yang: will appeal to the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federation within 30 days

 Lawyer Sun Yang: will appeal to the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federation within 30 days

1u3001 February 28, 2020 is a dark day, which makes the scene of evil conquering justice and power replacing justice appear in front of the public. On this day, CAS ignored rules and procedures, facts and evidence, accepted lies and false evidence, and made a black-and-white reversed arbitral award based on lies and prejudice. Sun Yang was shocked by the results of the CAS ruling and believed that he was innocent and would uphold his rights in accordance with judicial procedures. Sun Yang will appeal to the Supreme Court of the Swiss Federation within 30 days in accordance with legal procedures against a series of procedural errors in the trial of the case by the International Court of Sports Arbitration (CAS).

2u3001 The case was caused by an out of competition inspection on September 4, 2018. Sun Yang did not objectively interfere with doping testing or refuse to provide samples. On the day of the incident, IDTM doping inspectors temporarily informed the so-called blood inspectors (unqualified, unauthorized, illegal blood sampling in different places) and urine inspectors (unqualified, unauthorized, untrained) to participate in the inspection. Sun Yang has been actively cooperating since he learned that it is necessary to carry out an out of competition inspection. However, before the inspectors entered the examination room, the urine inspector always turned on his mobile phone to take photos in violation of regulations, seriously violating Sun Yangs privacy right until Sun Yang stopped it. In this case, although Sun Yang raised his objection and asked for instructions from the leader at the first time, he still cooperated with the subsequent blood drawing work in the process of waiting for the leaders decision. After knowing the relevant situation, the leader communicated fully with the inspectors to verify the authorization, qualification and other issues of the inspectors. The inspectors agreed not to take the blood samples, and put forward the proposal to separate the blood samples and the outer packaging. All parties signed on the spot and recognized the above facts. Due to the lack of effective authorization of the inspectors, the doping inspector temporarily informed the untrained and unqualified personnel to participate in the inspection, and the urine inspector took photos and videos in violation of regulations, and finally the inspectors voluntarily gave up the inspection.

Its worth noting that in 2017, the doping inspector was complained by Sun Yang because he didnt have the valid qualification, and the complaint is still pending. This inspection obviously belongs to the doping inspectors false public benefit and public revenge. In particular, during the hearing of fina and the court of international sports arbitration (CAS), he always distorted the facts, contradicted himself and lied Even when CAS was testifying in court, some statements that were consistent with the objective facts made in fina hearing were once again denied completely by lies.

The CAS did not challenge the doping inspectors. It accepted all the untruthful statements and blamed Sun Yang. It was neither objective nor fair. Sun Yang will prosecute the inspectors for their violations of laws and regulations, false statements, false certificates and other issues, and seriously investigate them.

3u3001 The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) is not only a party to this case, but also a maker and interpreter of international standards for inspection and investigation. That is, the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) is both an athlete and a referee. However, CAS did not make an independent judgment and a fair and just award in this case. Sun Yang will be held legally responsible for the loopholes in the organization, rules and procedures of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) and other agencies, as well as the distortion of facts and abuse of power in the arbitration procedures of relevant personnel.

4u3001 In the field of sports, some international organizations are powerful, arbitrary, arbitrary, even distorted the rules that should equally protect international organizations and athletes, but the international community lacks supervision and restraint mechanism, so that the staff of such organizations or their authorized institutions do not abide by the procedural rules when exercising their power, even with national prejudice and national position, which seriously violates the rules The spirit of sports infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of athletes and hinders the healthy and sustainable development of sports. Sun Yang will not tolerate this kind of behavior and will uphold rights according to law. This is not only about Sun Yangs personal rights and interests, but also about the legitimate rights and interests of all athletes, and about the maintenance and inheritance of the Olympic spirit.

5u3001 It is gratifying that for a long time, the State Administration of sports, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of sports, China Swimming Association and China national swimming team have given Sun Yang full trust and support. In particular, after CASs ruling, China Swimming Association made a voice for the first time, exposed many illegal acts in the arbitration process, expressed full support for Sun Yang to continue to safeguard his legal rights by legal means, and called on the World Anti Doping Agency, sports organization and doping inspection agency to improve and perfect the rules and strictly Implementing the rules and respecting the legitimate rights of athletes are the biggest encouragement and support for Sun Yang.

Finally, Sun Yang sincerely thanks the cultivation of the motherland, the care and help of leaders at all levels, such as the General Administration of sport of China, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of sport, China Swimming Association and China national swimming team, and the trust and support of sports fans, media friends and netizens at home and abroad! Although prejudice and lies are like night, which may temporarily blind the eyes of the world, they cannot prevent the dawn from coming. Lets wait!

Hereby declare

Beijing Lanpeng law firm

Lawyer: Zhang Qihuai

February 29, 2020

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