Is the high death rate in Wuhan due to the sputum thrombus after using ventilator? Rumor!

 Is the high death rate in Wuhan due to the sputum thrombus after using ventilator? Rumor!

Screenshot of the rumor.

The rumor caused some netizens to question the front line of anti epidemic. Some netizens accused that the anatomy of the body was not done early, while some netizens regretted that it was too late. How credible is the rumor?

First, the reporter novel coronavirus pneumonia new disease deaths data. In fact, since this week, the death toll in Hubei and Wuhan has declined significantly, and it has now dropped to double digits. According to the data released by the health and Health Commission of Hubei Province, in the past five days, the daily death toll in Hubei and Wuhan (the data released the day before) has dropped from 149 and 131 on Monday to 68 and 56 on Tuesday, and then to 41 and 28 on Friday. Since Tuesday, the death toll has remained double-digit for four consecutive days, and Thursdays figures have fallen to an all-time low of 26 and 19. In terms of data, from Mondays data to Tuesdays data, from more than 100 to more than 50, but the decline did not happen today.

Is the decrease in deaths related to anatomical findings?

It is understood that novel coronavirus pneumoniae death body autopsy general observation report was released recently by the official website of the Journal of forensic medicine. The report is expected to be published in the thirty-sixth volume first issue in February 2020. The report said that novel coronavirus pneumonia professor Liu Liang, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, has been strongly appealed for systematic autopsy since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. Novel coronavirus pneumonia and its team members have been systematically launched in the first time since February 16th, and the first team carried out systematic anatomy of the bodies of the patients with newly diagnosed pneumonia in the country, under the state policy approval, after many efforts. Liu Liangzheng is one of the authors of this report. The anatomic results showed that the lesions caused by the new coronavirus were still focused on the lung, and the exudative reaction was more obvious than that caused by SARS. There is no causal relationship between ventilator and phlegm suppository mentioned in the report.

There is no causal relationship between ventilator and phlegm suppository mentioned in the report

In an interview with Professor Liu Liang by Dr. Xiangs team, he further explained that the current focus is on airway mucus suppository, which is directly related to clinical ventilator support and treatment options, and is also the key to distinguish SARS. According to the online rumors, Liu Liang responded: phlegm suppository is not caused by ventilator, but by the formation of lung mucus lesions, which belongs to the pathological process after the disease damage. On February 28, Professor Liu Liang also said through his social media account that the rumors on the Internet dont know the source of the information or who sent it.

Obviously, the production of sputum thrombus caused by ventilator is nonsense. On Weibo, many doctors also pointed out the absurdity of this statement, saying that when using ventilator for treatment, sputum suction is a routine operation, negative pressure sputum suction device and ventilator itself are used together and so on. Reporter search found that this rumor originated from overseas social media. Related screenshots showed novel coronavirus pneumonia was first labeled as Wuhan pneumonia, which is exactly what Taiwan media calls for the new crown pneumonia.

This rumor first appeared on overseas social media.

The control of death toll is the manifestation of the overall effect of prevention and control. Professor Zhao Yan, vice president of Central South Hospital of Wuhan University and director of emergency department, analyzed that the decrease of death toll may be related to the recent phenomenon of bed and others . In the early stage, due to the short-term outbreak of patients, the medical resources of Wuhan hospital could not meet the needs of patients treatment, many interventions were not fully applied, and the patients died. At the present stage, although the treatment task in Wuhan is still arduous, the shortage of medical resources has been greatly alleviated, so the number of deaths has also returned to a relatively normal level. Unexpectedly, this exciting news was also used by people with ulterior motives to organize and attack the anti epidemic front line. At a critical time, to see through rumors, not to spread them or not to believe them, is to support the fight against the epidemic.