Japans largest airline, to build a robot army for the Olympic Games

 Japans largest airline, to build a robot army for the Olympic Games

Japans largest airline, Ana, plans to deploy 1000 robots in Tokyo just before the Olympic Games, all over shopping malls, tourist attractions, museums, hospitals and so on.

The robots, designed by All Nippon Airways in collaboration with ohmnilabs, are called newmes..

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It is 150 cm high and 2.9 km / h in speed. It looks like a flat plate connected with a sweeping robot.

But the strength of newmes is that it can become a new Avatar.

The newmes robot is a 10.1-inch screen, which can remotely present the face of real people. Users can also use its embedded Full HD 2K camera to turn and move to view the environment around the robot.

You can imagine that when you wear VR device to use it, it can replace you to go to the conference room, and then sit in your position. When your face appears on the screen, and you can rotate to talk and communicate with your colleagues around, it is like participating in an immersive remote conference.

The 5-foot-high robotic arm under it can perform precise motion control.

The robot arm can be modified with customized equipment, and then it can help people pour water and fish. When the fishing line in the robots hand is bitten, users can even feel the pull of fishing rod if they connect more equipment.

It can even pick up a fallen child, instead of sending home the items you buy in the store, and so on.

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At CEATEC 2019, the company also showed more terrain adapted, bipedal versions of this type of robot, which can work outdoors, through forests, and in remote areas where people are rarely seen.

At that time, these robots can not only provide more language and behavior help for tourists on the spot, but also enable patients, the elderly and the disabled who are inconvenient to move around the world to participate in real activities.

Because the concept behind it is: if you have physical limitations, you can transmit your consciousness, have a new body, and communicate and expand your abilities.

In this way, 1000 robots seem a little less.

But its just in its infancy, and we cant see whether its actually used as shown in the demonstration.

The newmes robot will be launched in April and will be used in Japan in a short period of time. At that time, people can log on the platform to control the newmes robot.

All Nippon Airways expects the mobile version of the robot app to be ready next year, when people around the world can visit newmes through the portal.

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In addition, All Nippon Airways is also preparing to provide tourists with pocktalk, a translation device that can translate 74 languages at the airport. It has a touch screen and noise reduction microphone, which can not only strengthen the communication between passengers and aviation staff, but also make the information more convenient to convey to tourists.

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In addition, there is a remote-controlled electric wheelchair that can drive automatically.

However, it is not fully automatic. At present, it still needs someone to remotely control the wheelchairs and row them in line. However, it is also conducive to making people less walk in Nuo Da airport, especially for the elderly and young people who are long-distance trekking.

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All of these make tourists more comfortable when they travel.

In the Olympic venues, there are more kinds of robots.

The specially designed mascot robots miraitowa and someity can move their arms and arms to greet and take photos of people. The cameras and sensors embedded in them can make them respond to human beings and interact with them.

Assist robot HSR, which will help guests find seats in the venue.

DSR, a delivery support robot, can provide ordered snacks and drinks for people who place orders on the tablet.

Remote rendering robot t-tr1 can use large screen to project life size images, providing real-life virtual experience for cross location people, and at the same time, it can interact with athletes, providing virtual experience in the game.

The full-scale robot t-hr3 can also interact with people, such as clapping with athletes, providing tourists with remote images, sounds, etc.

On the field, the field supports the robot FSR, which can be used in javelin, shot put, discus throw and other events. After these game objects are thrown and recorded, they can be taken to the designated place to reduce peoples workload and keep people away from injuries.

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For Japan, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be a rare opportunity to showcase robotics.

These robots, which come and go in the crowd and interact with people friendly, also make technology a kind of mobile existence.

Take newmes. Shinya katanozaka, President and CEO of anaholdings, the parent company of ANA, said:

According to the representative of All Nippon Airways, if robots are set up on the moon or on the sea floor, people can even travel in the deep sea and outer space.

Its like in a movie.

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