594 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in South Korea, 2931 cases.

 594 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in South Korea, 2931 cases.

Photo source: Yonhap

Overseas network, novel coronavirus pneumonia, 29, February, according to the 29 report of South Korean Associated Press, the Ministry of disease management of Korea reported that 28 new cases of new crown pneumonia were confirmed in South Korea from 16 to 29 on the local time, and 2931 cases were confirmed.

Affected by the epidemic, more and more universities in Seoul are seeking to replace offline teaching with online teaching. At the suggestion of South Koreas Ministry of education, South Korean Universities and colleges have announced to postpone the start of the spring semester, which was originally scheduled to begin next week, by two weeks.

Novel coronavirus increased to 62 countries and regions in the afternoon of 6:50 p.m., according to the 28 Foreign Ministry of Korea. South Koreas foreign ministry suggested that citizens planning to visit these countries should consider local conditions, the necessity of personal travel and activities, and try to cancel or postpone their travel.

New world church to delete 1762 people information: Mayor of Daegu:

In February 28th, the mayor of Daegu said that the new world church should be reported to the police to prevent the epidemic. The government found that 1762 members of the church had been removed from the list. Some of the deleted people have been infected with the new coronavirus, the government said. In Daegu, 182 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed, 1314 cases were confirmed. Most of the new crown pneumonia infections were related to the church.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed in a Korean family after death.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Daegu, South Korea, where a 69 year old female segregated from home died, according to a news agency.