Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Mexico: 2 cases in China

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Mexico: 2 cases in China

u25b3 relevant circular issued by the Chinese Embassy in Mexico

The Chinese Embassy in Mexico also issued a circular, once again reminding Chinese citizens in Mexico to attach great importance to and actively respond to the epidemic, pay attention to scientific protection, and provide consular protection and assistance calls.

The cruise ship carrying 6000 people was refused three times and then stopped in Mexico, which was opposed by local residents

In February 23rd, the novel coronavirus pneumonia opened its 15 day journey, only to discover that 1 crew members had suspected new crown pneumonia symptoms. As a result, the ship was rejected by Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and the next stop in Mexico also cancelled the landing permit of cosumel island. The crew was later diagnosed with common flu and legend was finally allowed to land. However, when the cruise ship entered the port, it was still strongly opposed by local residents.

Mexico confirmed the first novel coronavirus pneumonia case to stay in Italy for many days.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Mexico on 28 th, Mexico. The patient, a 35 year old male, stayed in northern Italy from February 14 to 22 and returned to Mexico City on February 22.